Friends And Family Of Tory Lanez Are Joining Hands To Fight Against His Prison Time

Tory Lanez‘s looking at a possible sentence of 22 years in prison for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. While there is little hope, Tory’s family members and friends are banding together in support of him to help him avoid prison time. 

As per them, Tory is a scapegoat to do a solid for African American women. 

There is an online petition too on demanding an immediate verdict for Tory. The goal is for 25,000 signatures, and already 22470 have signed it, and it is rapidly growing.

The petitioners complained that the whole trial was a joke and that they were unsatisfied. It states trials as a “circus of speculation, insufficient evidence, inconsistencies, and drunken memories [that] left us without much moral certainty of any truth.”

However, on the other hand, fans of Tory Lane are furious and claim that it was an irresponsible decision and that it was rushed and unjust.

They have directly accused the music industry, Jay-Z and RocNation, claiming that they might be involved and are protecting Megan Thee Stallion because they have invested millions. They have even added a racial angle to the case. 

“Was this case taken because of a political pressure to fake protect black women? African-Americans went along with hashtags that didn’t protect anyone & instead caused division between black women and black men.”

What turn the case takes is something that the future will unfold.