Jeremy Renner visits hospital staff who saved his life after snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner is continuing his recovery after a devastating snowplow accident in January, and he’s taking the time to recognize those who’ve helped him along the way. The actor, who stars in the Disney+ series “Hawkeye,” recently posted to the Stories portion of his verified Instagram account, showing his visit to Renown Regional Medical Center, a Reno, Nevada hospital.

Jeremy Renner is continuing his recovery after a devastating snowplow accident in January

In the post, Renner shared a photo of himself posing in the center of a group of people standing before a screen that displayed the words “Welcome back!” He also included two other photos with staffers from the medical center, including one outside in front of a Renown sign.

Renner was crushed by a snowplow near his Nevada home on New Year’s Day while trying to clear snow for a relative. The accident resulted in him breaking several bones, including eight ribs, an eye socket, a knee, and a shoulder. His liver was also pierced, and one of his lungs collapsed.

Last week, Renner made his first red carpet appearance since the life-threatening incident for the premiere of his Disney+ series “Rennervations.” The show follows him and his team as they help refurbish and repurpose service vehicles to help communities and children in need. Three episodes are currently streaming, with a fourth set in India, set to premiere soon.

Renner’s chiropractic sports physician, Christopher Vincent, has been helping him with his recovery. Vincent tells PEOPLE that Renner is an “extremely unique and rare person” with “drive and determination.”

Renner suffered over 30 broken bones and required multiple surgeries after the accident. In his first weeks after the accident, Renner’s pain was “excruciating,” says Vincent. “I mean, it’s bad enough with one of those traumas. The fracture through his tibia was so severe that that alone … mentally, you can’t deal with that much pain.”

Vincent explains that with 30 broken bones, Renner’s body sent pain signals to his brain from every part of his body. “You’re mentally just trying to quiet them down. It’s happening 24 hours a day, so it’s not like he gets a reprieve when sleeping. It doesn’t sleep, so it’s affecting your sleep, and that lack of sleep affects your recovery.”

To support Renner’s recovery, Vincent and a team of professionals have been using measures like an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements that help reduce inflammation and the pain signals getting to his brain. As Renner began to recover, he started meditating and trying to calm himself down. Vincent and his team also moved Renner’s shoulders, hips, and limbs to keep him moving.

With Renner determined to get back on his feet, Vincent turned Renner’s home “into a full rehab center. We just started shipping things to his house. His mother was there going, ‘What’s this box? What is this machine?’ I’m like, ‘Just put it in the living room. We’ll use it later.’ “

In recent weeks, Renner has been pedaling on an exercise bike and using the Boost Treadmill, developed by a NASA scientist, to walk without putting all his weight on his limbs. He can now walk with the help of a cane and recently went with his family to an amusement park, where he got around in a motorized scooter. He even danced while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Vincent says Renner’s resilience in the three months since the near-fatal accident is a rarity. “He’s an extremely unique and rare person. I’ve worked with hundreds and thousands of athletes, celebrities, and regular people.