Jeremy Renner Makes Triumphant Red Carpet Return with Daughter Ava After Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner made his triumphant return to the red carpet for the first time since his near-fatal snowplow accident, and he brought along a special guest – his 10-year-old daughter, Ava Berlin Renner. The Marvel star attended the Los Angeles premiere of his Disney+ docu-series Rennervations on April 11, more than three months after sustaining serious injuries in the snowplow accident on New Year’s Day. Renner, aided physically by a cane and a scooter, got emotional on the red carpet as he credited his daughter with giving him the most strength in his recovery.

Jeremy Renner returns to red carpet

“My daughter, for sure, number one,” Renner told E! News exclusively. “And then my family, and then my will. It’s like, well, if I was going to go, I guess, it’s one or the other. There’s no alternative to like, ‘Alright, I’m going to be living so, let’s go really live and get it done.’ So there’s no alternative. I have to kind of do something.”

Renner also credited his Disney+ series, Rennervations, motivating him to move forward in his recovery. The show, set to premiere on April 12, 2023, follows Renner as he teams up with expert builders to acquire and transform decommissioned government vehicles into creations that serve kids in underserved communities worldwide.

The father-daughter premiere outing came just days after Renner shared photos from a family trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, showcasing his progress in his recovery from over 30 broken bones in the snowplow accident. Fans were moved to see the Avengers actor back on his feet with the aid of his cane and shared supportive messages on social media.
Renner, who has been documenting his recovery on social media, expressed his gratitude for the well wishes from fans. However, he admitted to being perplexed by the attention he has received.

“I kept asking so many people, why is this even newsworthy or have value. I don’t quite get it. I still can’t ultimately understand it. But I’m glad that my anguish or obstacles have done something good for people,” Renner told E! News at the Rennervations premiere. “I hope the show inspires people as well to be able to be actual and do something that you really care about, and get up and do it.”

Renner’s return to the red carpet with his daughter Ava by his side is a heartwarming moment that showcases the actor’s resilience and the importance of family in his recovery journey.