Jessica Simpson reveals she secretly dated a huge movie star

Jessica Simpson once dated a big movie star

Jessica Simpson recently released an ebook on Amazon. In the Amazon original short story where she reveals an affair with a massive movie star that was never disclosed.

Jessica Simpson once dated a big movie star

The original short story “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single” mentions how a massive movie star wooed and pursued her and tried to seduce her, too.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she says that the fame she received in a short period was very surreal for Simpson. Her journey as a star was full of fun but often isolating as she couldn’t deeply connect with anyone.

She also tells about why she can’t always trust people. It was early September 2001, and Simpson “had spent that summer apart from my first real boyfriend, Nick, and I still didn’t know how to be single.”

At a 2001 MTV VMAs after party, she came across a movie star who eyeballed her up and down like he was undressing her with his eyes. Simpson got his number but never called him. They had a few conversations after they ran into each other but soon lost touch after Jessica married Nick Lachey got back together and married.

After her divorce from Lachey, a producer told her that the actor was still after Simpson. They met at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a flirty rendezvous.

She also talks about their text message throughout the award shows. Simpson saw the photo of the Movie Star on a red carpet with his girlfriend. The anonymous actor told her that the relationship with him was over.

However, she realized that the movie star was hiding Simpson from his girlfriend. She ended her relationship with the actor. She said the experience was “the first time I ever felt truly empowered since I was married.”

“Yes, I had been very gullible. He had lied to me, saying I was the only one, but I was honest with myself. So, maybe, going forward, I didn’t need to feel as insecure as I thought I was,” Simpson wrote. “It didn’t matter if he thought I was a notch on his belt or any of the belts of these guys in Hollywood. He was a notch on my own belt.”