John Mayer Reveals The Song Your Body Is A Wonderland Wasn’t About Jennifer Love Hewitt

John Mayer made a guest appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast on December 21, 2022. John cleared the air around the song Your Body Is a Wonderland. There was a rumor that one of his debuts super hit songs, for which he won the Best Pop Vocal Performance Grammy, was written for his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt.

John Mayer says Your Body is Wonderland written after his first High School girlfriend in a podcast

John Mayer said that he wrote the song for his first high school girlfriend. 

‘That was about my first girlfriend. That was about the feeling, which I think was already sort of nostalgic… I was 21 when I wrote that song and I was nostalgic for being 16,’ he explained.

He dispelled the popular rumor ‘No, that’s one of those things where people just sort of formed that idea, it gets reinforced over the years, no, no, no. I had never met a celebrity when I wrote that song,’ he explained. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt and John Mayer had a brief affair in 2002, sparking speculations that perhaps she was the inspiration for the song even though the album Room For Squares was released before the two dated.

In an interview, Jennifer herself dismissed the rumor in an interview with People magazine. She said, ‘John would have written, “Your body is a disaster.'”

In the same podcast, John talked about his high-school years, stating that they were different than his fans may have imagined. He said, ‘I didn’t have a presence. So I think that one of the bigger misnomers about me is that there’s like a jocky-ness to me, you know? Like there’s an alpha, musician jocky-ness to me, and the bottom line is, like, I went to school to get it over with. And my life began at 3 o’clock in the afternoon when I came home and played guitar.’ 

In addition, he spoke about his decision to get sober six years ago, which changed the way he dated and his reputation as a celebrity womanizer. He said, ‘Dating is no longer a codified activity for me, it doesn’t exist in a kind of… it’s not patterned anymore,’ John Mayer added ‘I don’t really date — I don’t think that I have to, to be quite honest,’ Mayer continued. ‘I quit drinking like six years ago, so I don’t have the liquid courage. I just have dry courage.’