Justin Bieber Blown Away by Frank Ocean’s Coachella Performance

Justin Bieber recently shared his admiration for Frank Ocean’s Coachella performance, which left many fans in confusion and disappointment. The show marked the first time Ocean had performed live in six years and had been in the works for several years. Ocean was originally scheduled to headline the festival in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic and eventually rescheduled for 2023.

Bieber posted a snapshot of Ocean’s performance on his Instagram account on Monday, showing a documentary-style image of his face on a massive screen. He expressed his thoughts in the caption, saying, “I was blown away by Frank Ocean’s Coachella performance. His artistry is simply unmatched, his style, his taste, his voice, his attention to detail… I was deeply moved.”

Bieber also acknowledged Ocean as a source of inspiration, saying, “It made me want to keep going and get better as an artist. He continues to set the bar high and gave me a night I will never forget! Thanks, Frank.”

According to Rolling Stone, a source close to Ocean’s set revealed that production for the performance was adjusted at the last minute due to an ankle injury. Reportedly, Ocean sustained the injury during rehearsals on-site in the week leading up to the festival, which may explain why he arrived an hour after his set was scheduled to begin and spent most of the time sitting down. Despite the setback, Ocean is still scheduled to perform for Coachella weekend two on April 23.