Kelly Clarkson’s stalker may face a long time in jail

The alleged stalker of Kelly Clarkson has been charged with multiple crimes. Despite a restraining order, she continued to show up at star’s house.

Kelly Clarkson stalker will be sent to jail for a long time

The alleged stalker is Huguette Nicole Young, who was charged with one count of stalking and four counts of violating a protective order last month as per the L.A. City Attorney. However, Young has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was given bail at USD 26,000.

The police arrested Huguette Nicole Young outside Kelly’s mansion on January 25, 2023. Security had called 911 after they found the woman wandering around the singer’s property. The LAPD swiftly responded to the call and arrested her.

The weirdest thing about the whole incident is that Clarkson reported Young keeps repeatedly showing up at precisely 8:59 PM. However, there is no explanation for why she has been doing it.

Kelly seems to be frightened by the whole experience. She has stopped allowing her kids outside the gate at night.

As of now, there has been no malicious intent from Young’s side. It seems that she allegedly first tracked the singer at her Nashville estate. She would often leave unwanted gifts outside her house.

As of now, Young is in jail. However, if proven guilty of the charges, she will be serving prison for a long time. The preliminary hearing starts on February 26, 2023.