Khloe Kardashian’s response to haters is going viral

khloe kardashian Instagram photo

Khloe Kardashian shows that she’s unfazed by negative comments on social media. Following her morning workout video on Instagram on March 29, the reality star responded to some comments, including one asking if she misses her “old face,” to which Khloe confidently replied, “No.” She also brushed off another statement suggesting she ditch the filter with a laughing face emoji, saying, “What does a filter have to do with the workout queen?” However, not all the comments were negative, as one fan left a sweet message, prompting Khloe to promise to post more workout videos if her followers enjoyed them.

Khloe, who boasts a massive following of 300 million on Instagram, shared her workout routine while sporting all-black fitness apparel, white socks, and sneakers. Her 4-year-old daughter, True, also made a cute cameo, announcing that she was ready for spring break. However, Khloe also gave some health updates during the video, revealing that she had recently suffered an elbow injury and had to use lower weights than usual. She also acknowledged the “curvature” on her cheek from where she had a tumor removed in October.

Despite criticisms, Khloe has always been open about her fitness journey and progress. In February 2022, she shared an Instagram post showcasing her toned physique and wrote that she and her trainer, Joël Bouraïma, were ready to keep going. In addition to showing off her physical progress, Khloe has also spoken candidly about the pressures she’s faced regarding her appearance and how it compares to her sisters’. During the 2021 Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion, she discussed the plastic surgery she had undergone, including a nose job.

Despite the scrutiny and negativity, Khloe is determined to stay positive and focus on her fitness journey, inspiring her followers to do the same. “I never regret getting a workout in,” she said. “If I don’t try to procrastinate or whatever, I always feel so good and accomplished. And then I feel like the rest of my day is great. I stay more on track because I started my day the right way.”