Lisa Marie was in debt and had taken opioids and meds before her death

The death of Lisa Marie Presley at such a young age was because of the opioids and weight loss meds she was taking to look her best at the Golden Globes.

Also, the daughter of Elvis Presley went through plastic surgery two months before the award show. As a result, she lost about 50 pounds in two months. Moreover, Presley was taking opioids, relapsing into an addiction she’d battled for years, as per TMZ.

Lisa Marie Presley was on opioids and meds to loose weight for Golden Globe Awards before her death

Another source claims she was spending USD 400,000 a month on treatment, including private doctors and detox teams who visited her at her home.

In the video interview on the red carpet, Lisa Marie Presley slurred her words and appeared unstable on her feet. She turns to Jerry Schilling and says, ‘I’m gonna grab your arm.’ Even the interviewer Billy Bush, indicated something was wrong with her.

Presley also took out several life insurance policies before her death. Lisa had taken out life insurance policies- USD 25 million and USD 10 million.

She was also in a USD 16 million debt. Katie Hayes from TMZ says that Lisa was never disciplined with money and was a spendthrift. She made multiple bad investments and spent USD 100 million in 25 years.

Lisa Marie Presley also owed USD 2.5 million to the IRS.

However, she has left her three children with USD 30 million to be divided among them.