Selling Sunset Star Mary Fitzgerald Opens Up About Recent Miscarriage on Instagram

Mary Fitzgerald, star of the popular reality show “Selling Sunset,” has shared her recent miscarriage experience with fans on Instagram. The 42-year-old realtor revealed that she got pregnant during her honeymoon with her 29-year-old husband, Romain Bonnet, in Bali in January. But unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

Mary Fitzgerald Opens Up About Recent Miscarriage on Instagram

“We were in Bali, we got pregnant and, unfortunately, that didn’t work out. And on top of the miscarriage, [I] also apparently had what they called septic miscarriage, so I had to go in for surgery for that,” Fitzgerald said in a video message

She explained that a septic miscarriage occurs when an infection develops in the uterus, and she had to undergo surgery to remove the infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, some symptoms of a septic miscarriage include fever, chills, and tenderness in the lower abdomen. The reality star shared her story to raise awareness about how common miscarriages can be and to let others know that they are not alone in their struggles.

“The reason why I’m speaking out now is because I do realize how common this is and how many people go through this, and it is not easy,” she said. “I needed a minute because there are so many eyes on me and everyone judges and everything, and it has been rough to say the least, but there’s still hope.”

The couple had been candid about their desire to expand their family, and Fitzgerald revealed in the video that they would continue to try. “I’m gonna continue to share [my journey] because we’re going to keep trying, and I’m going to leave it at that. I’m gonna continue to share it, and we’re going to have very good news very soon,”¬†She was very emotional and had tears in her eyes. “If any of you guys are also going through it, please know you’re not alone, and we’re gonna get there.”

Her caption echoes the sentiment, “It’s not always sunshine and butterflies, and that is okay. I wanted to share this in the hopes of letting others know they are not alone.”

Fitzgerald’s Selling Sunset co-stars, including Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae El Moussa, Brett Oppenheim, Maya Vander, and Amanza Smith, offered words of support and love in the comments section. Fitzgerald’s husband, Bonnet, also shared an encouraging message with his wife, promising to support her, “It’s just the beginning of our journey” and told her that he would “always be here to support” her “every step of the way.”

The Selling Sunset star’s decision to share her experience will undoubtedly provide comfort and solace to those suffering from a miscarriage or fertility struggles.