Controversy Surrounds Meghan Markle’s Decision to Skip Coronation for a Hiking Trip

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, chose to spend the weekend of King Charles’ coronation differently. Instead of attending the event with Prince Harry and their children, she went hiking with friends.

Meghan Markle Skip Coronation for a Hiking
Meghan Markle Skip Coronation for a Hiking

The move has sparked controversy, with some interpreting it as a snub to the Royal Family.

According to a report by Glamour magazine, Meghan was seen hiking in California with some of her friends while Prince Harry and their children attended the coronation. Fox News also reported that the Duke of Sussex was spotted arriving solo at the event.

While Meghan’s decision to skip the coronation may seem like a deliberate snub, others have pointed out that she may have had other reasons for not attending.

For example, USA Today reported that the Duchess may have opted for a peaceful hiking trip to avoid the media frenzy surrounding the coronation.

On the other hand, Prince Harry attended the coronation and even played a role in the ceremony. As reported by Time magazine, the Duke was tasked with carrying the ceremonial sword during the event.

Despite the controversy surrounding Meghan’s absence from the coronation, the Duchess seems unfazed by the criticism. In a photo shared by People magazine, Meghan is seen smiling while on the hike with her friends.

In an opinion piece published in The Independent, writer Maya Oppenheim defended Meghan’s decision to skip the coronation. Oppenheim argues that Meghan’s decision to prioritize her mental health and well-being over a public event is admirable and sets an example for others.

However, not everyone shares Oppenheim’s opinion. Sky News Australia’s James Morrow criticized Meghan’s decision, calling it a deliberate move to gain attention and generate controversy. Morrow argues that Meghan intentionally tries to stir up drama by skipping the coronation.

The debate over Meghan’s decision to skip the coronation will likely continue. Some commentators, like’s Camilla Tominey, speculate that the move could signal a rift between Meghan and the Royal Family.

Others, like Hindustan Times, suggest that Meghan’s absence from the coronation is not a cause for concern and that the Duchess is simply living her life on her terms.

Regardless of the reasons behind her decision, Meghan’s absence from the coronation has generated much attention and controversy.

It remains to be seen how this will affect her relationship with the Royal Family and her public image going forward.