Mexican Ballad Singer Julián Figueroa Dies at 27 Due to Acute Heart Attack

Mexican singer-songwriter Julián Figueroa passed away at 27, as confirmed by his mother, actress Maribel Guardia. The son of Guardia and late singer Joan Sebastian, Figueroa sang northern-inspired ballads and was known for hits such as “Yo sería” and “Ay amor.”

Despite his young age, Figueroa had already released four full-length albums and starred in a series about his late father’s life and other acting roles, including a telenovela.

Joan Sebastian, one of Mexico’s most beloved ballad singers, died in 2015 at 64. He was known for sentimental love songs such as “Tatuajes” and “Secreto de Amor,” often set to simple guitar arrangements or sung on horseback. Sebastian had eight children with five different women.

Julián Figueroa followed in both of his parents’ footsteps as an entertainer and was well-known for his singing, songwriting, and acting talent. His most recent project was the telenovela “Mi Camino es Amarte,” in which he starred.

Figueroa is survived by his mother, his wife, Imelda Tuñón, also a singer and actress, and their son, José Julián Figueroa. He was set to turn 28 on May 5.

Fans of the young artist have expressed their sadness and condolences on social media, with many sharing memories of his music and performances. In his final Instagram post, Figueroa paid tribute to his late father, sharing a childhood photo and a heartfelt message.

“How slowly 8 years have gone by since the day you left time tastes more bitter. And people proclaim that time is a fix for everything, but this is a vile lie, it hurts more every day, and this is without fear of hurting sensibilities,” wrote Figueroa in Spanish.

The passing of Julián Figueroa is a tragic loss for the Mexican music and entertainment industry. He will be remembered for his talent, passion for his craft, and contributions to his father’s legacy.