Mike Leach health update- Zach Arnett might replace Mike permanently.

The head coach for Mississippi State University was hospitalized today for a personal health issue. The ambulance initially took him to a local hospital for treatment, but after, they decided to airlift Mike to the University of Mississippi Medical Center hospital.

Mike Leach health update

Additionally, there were rumors on social media that Coach Mike Leach was dead; however, it was false. Sid Salter, the Mississippi State Chief Communications officer, said, “The rumors circulating on social media are just that- rumors. If there is a change in Coach Leach’s situation, the university will announce it. I encourage people to respect the privacy of the Leach family at this time,” Moreover, he added, “Coach Leach is a fighter, and he is battling.”

While it may not be valid, it seems his condition isn’t great too because a spokesperson for UMMC said: “his care team has not yet decided his condition.”

However, the latest health update about Mike Leach confirms that he is in critical condition. 

Coach Mike Leach’s past medical condition

Even though everyone is trying to stay positive, there is no denying that he is in a critical condition. 247 sports reporter, Robbie Faulk, tweeted, “Mike Leach needs a miracle, folks. Continue to pray.”

Additionally, Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated tweeted that Mike’s condition was “critical.”

What caused Mike Leach’s decline in health?

During the late season, Coach Mike Leach reported a bout of pneumonia because he had a persistent cough and flu.

Hadad and his podcast co-host noted Leach had terrible pneumonia consistently for a month. Then, during the early November conference, everybody noted his awful content. 

It is unclear if he did a follow-up with medical professionals to get the complete treatment. But, unfortunately, it seems he wasn’t careful, which worsened Mike Leach’s health condition.

Mike Leach Career

Mike Leach was born in Susanville, California, on March 9, 1961, to Frank and Sandra Leach. He turned 62 years old.

He began his career as a coach at Cal Poly in 1987.

Mike joined Mississippi State University as the coach on January 9, 2020. The university paid him USD 5 million annually. He is the First head coach to win against a top 10 in his coaching debut.

Additionally, Mike Leach has broke SEC and school records in passing yards in a single game.

Zach Arnett replaces Mike Leach

Zach Arnett replaces Mike Leach

As Mike is in the hospital, Mississippi State University has decided that Zach Arnett will be in charge of the team until Leach is okay to return.

The decision was taken after a discussion between the university president Mark Keenum and interim athletic director Bracky Brett.

Zach Arnett is the State team’s Assistant Football Coach (Defensive Coordinator/Safeties). However, Mike’s health condition is critical at this point, and it will take a long time for him to recover.

Zach joined Mississippi State University as the defensive coordinator in January 2020. However, we understand that Zach has a huge gap to fill for now.

The CelebCritics.com team also prays for a speedy recovery of Mike Leach.