Morgan Wallen Pours A Drink Down A Woman’s Blouse Out Of Frustration

The country singer, Morgan Wallen, was caught on video pouring drink down a woman’s blouse after she tried to pull him away from some buddies of his. The incident happened on Friday night. 

Morgan was chilling out on the downtown broadway strip when he went to Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar, seemingly unfazed by all the smartphone cameras around him. 

Based on multiple clips, Wallace was taking pictures with other bar patrons and enjoying themself with supposedly an entourage. However, there was a woman, specifically in a black top and white pants, who was close to him and keeping an eye on him.

He was interacting with other guys when the woman tried to pull him away from the group. Additionally, they already had some tension between them, so when the woman tries to pull him away, Wallace pulls his hand when she tries to grab it.


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She ignores it and goes back to her girlfriends. It is when Wallace creeps from behind and drops a full cup’s worth of liquid right down the front of her shirt. 

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The woman seems to have been taken aback and pushes Morgan away. He soon realizes that she isn’t happy with it and finds it to be a rude gesture.  After which, Morgan quietly retreats to the corner of a booth and vanishes.

We do not know where things went after that, nor do we know how close the woman and the relationship they shared. It can be friendly or malicious; no one knows.