Nick Cannon reveals ex-wife Mariah Carey reaction to his expanding family with 12 children

Nick Cannon expanding family has been a hot topic of discussion on the internet, but what does his ex-wife Mariah Carey think about him now being the father of 12 children?

Nick Cannon expanding family with 12 children
Nick Cannon expanding family with 12 children

After their divorce in 2016, Cannon welcomed ten more children, and recently he shared his insights on his relationship with Carey during an appearance on REVOLT’s “The Jason Lee Show.”

Back in 2008, Cannon and Carey tied the knot, and three years later, they became parents to twins Monroe and Moroccan. Since then, Cannon has famously welcomed nearly a dozen more children with five different women.

Now, he’s shedding light on Carey’s reaction to his growing brood. During his interview on “The Jason Lee Show,” Cannon revealed that Carey maintains a high-frequency connection with him and frequently checks in on his well-being and ability to handle the increasing responsibilities of fatherhood.

According to Cannon, the iconic singer seems relaxed about his expanding family. However, she did make one request – that he keeps any drama away from the “Manor of Carey.”

Cannon shared that Mariah Carey lives in her world, where nothing can infiltrate her space, and when they converse daily, she’s primarily focused on his spirit.

Contrary to certain assumptions, Cannon clarified that there was a false narrative about Carey seeking custody. He mentioned they were together for dinner the night before those rumors surfaced.

Despite their split, it seems that Cannon and Carey have maintained a close relationship, although she has set clear boundaries for the rest of his life.

Apart from their twins, Cannon is also a father to sons Golden Cannon and Rise Messiah, as well as daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell, son Legendary with Bre Tiesi, daughter Onyx with LaNisha Cole, and three children – daughter Beautiful and twin boys Zion and Zillion – with Abby De La Rosa. He welcomed his 12th child, daughter Halo Marie, in December, with Alyssa Scott. Unfortunately, their son Zen died at five months from a brain tumor in 2021.

Addressing rumors of Carey seeking full custody of their children due to his unconventional family structure, Cannon swiftly dismissed them, emphasizing that they have a strong and unified front against false narratives.

He expressed how he has been unjustly labeled a “deadbeat dad” because of his numerous children with different women. Still, he highlighted his commitment to being present in his children’s lives.

Cannon shared that he stays organized by maintaining individual calendars for his kids, noting their school and extracurricular activities.

In addition, he spends significant time with them by acting as their driver, often spending the night at the home of the child he drops off last. He also revealed that he keeps clothes at each of their homes in case he stops by, and his sleeping arrangements depend on who has reached out to him that day.

Regarding supporting his children, Cannon disclosed that he pays USD 3 million in child support annually and generates approximately USD 100 million per year. Yet, despite the public scrutiny, he aims to provide for his children while addressing misconceptions surrounding his lifestyle and financial situation.

Nick Cannon’s journey as a father to a large and diverse family continues to attract attention. Still, he and Mariah Carey have found a way to navigate their relationship and prioritize the well-being of their children amidst the public spotlight.