“Nicolas Cage reveals his top 5 favorite films from his career on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'”

Nicolas Cage has shared his top five favorite movies from his four-decade-long career in an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The Academy Award winner’s list is comprised of some of his lesser-known work, including “Pig,” “Mandy,” “Bringing Out The Dead,” “Bad Lieutenant,” and “Joe.” Cage also spoke about his experience working on “Face/Off” and “Vampire’s Kiss,” where he explored his more abstract dreams through film performance.

Nicolas cage

Cage’s list of favorites is an interesting mix of films that showcase his range as an actor and his preference for working with auteur directors with a specific and original vision for their works. It also reflects his love for roles that allow him to stretch out and try new things outside the confines of big-budget studio movies.

While some of Cage’s biggest blockbusters like “National Treasure,” “Moonstruck,” and “The Rock” are not on the list, it is clear that his filmography contains something for everyone. The actor’s long and varied career includes big movies to love, small ones to cherish, and terrible ones to guiltily enjoy, alongside gems like the five movies he listed as his favorites.

Cage also clarified his previous comments about identifying as a performer and not an actor. He explained that he never said, “don’t call me an actor. Call me a thespian,” as was reported by some outlets. Instead, he simply stated that he sees himself as a performer and not an artist in the traditional sense.

Cage’s appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” was to promote his new film, “Renfield,” in which he plays an overbearing Dracula to Nicholas Hoult’s fed-up lackey in the horror comedy. While “Renfield” might yet prove memorable enough to wind up on some people’s lists of the best Cage movies, it did not make his own rundown of his favorites.

Overall, Cage’s list offers a unique insight into his career and his approach to acting and is sure to spark some debate and discussion among his fans.