Notti Osama death- Reasons why the prosecutors drop all charges.

Notti Osama Death on July 9

It is always sad to hear when a 14-year-old dies, and the most recent one is Notti Osama’s death. It was a gruesome death by stabbing. Notti Osama, a talented kid 14, succumbed to stab wounds on July 9, 2022. The altercation occurred at the 137th Street/City College subway station at 3 PM.

The emergency personnel rushed Notti Osama to the Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital. Unfortunately, NYPD confirmed that Notti couldn’t survive his multiple wounds. 

Notti Osama death video caught on video survelliance

The law enforcement identified the accused as a fifteen-year-old male, Kevin Martinez. NYPD arrested and charged him with the second-degree murder of Notti Osama.

However, upon further investigation, prosecutors reduced his charge to first-degree murder as they said it was in self-defense.

On October 28, 2022, has dropped all the charges against him. Find out why?

Who is Notti Osama?

The real name is Notti Osama is Ethan Reyes. He was born on January 17, 2008, in Harlem, New York.

Notti Osama death news

Yonkers’s neighborhood is comparatively safe, as per According to it, the crime rate is lower than in the average US city.

Notti was the youngest of six children of his parents. The 14-year-old was a drill rapper. The focus of drill rap is primarily on crime and daily hustles on the streets. The drill rapper often involves humiliating and taunting your rivals. It could have fueled their rivalry.

Notti Osama had released a new single, Without You, with his brother two weeks before his stabbing. 

Notti Osama murder

MTA NYC transit president Richard Davey said, “We thank NYPD detectives, with whom we cooperated, for the rapid arrest of a suspect. That he and the victim are said to have known each other further underscores this senseless nature of this tragic incident.”

Notti Osama death update- All charges dropped against the accused

Based on the information gathered from the eyewitnesses and video surveillance, here is what happened.

Notti Osama recently moved to Young Avenue in Yonkers from Harlem. On July 9, around 3 PM, he and his two friends were walking in his old neighborhood in Hamilton Heights. 

It was where Notti spotted his 15-year-old rival Kevin Martinez alone. They had an old rivalry; hence, Notti grabbed a broom handle and followed his foe into the subway station along with his friends.

Notti’s gang cornered him at the end of the platform. Notti Osama attacked Kevin hitting him with the stick; in response, he swung a knife, hitting Notti in the abdomen. 

Additionally, Kevin was attacked by Notti’s friends. He was knocked onto the subway tracks; moreover, he suffered punctured wounds from a sharp object swung by Notti Osama’s friend.

When Reyes collapsed on the platform, Kevin Martinez got the opportunity to flee from the fight. Kevin’s mother brought him to detectives.

All the criminal charges were dropped against him for stabbing the Yonkers rapper. A spokesperson from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said that based on the investigation, witness statement, and video surveillance, prosecutors felt that using the knife was for self-defense against Reyes, who had a stick and more abettors.