Orlando Brown to Undergo mental evaluation after arrest

Orlando Brown pleading for mental evaluation before court trial

The police arrested Orlando Brown, who was arrested on December 23, 2022, and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence after he allegedly threatened a relative with a hammer and knife. 

Orlando Brown pleading for mental evaluation before court trial

Brown is scheduled to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if he’s mentally fit to stand trial for his criminal case. His lawyers requested the court an assessment before the Tuesday trial.

That’s So Raven actor has already pleaded not guilty, and the results of the mental evaluation will have a lot of influence on the hearing, too.

Nevertheless, he was released from custody last Friday after posting a USD 25,000. However, he remains on house arrest.

Brown’s drug addiction has turned his world upside down. He has become a menace to himself and the people around him. He has had trouble with the law with strings of arrests for burglary, drug possession, resisting arrest, and domestic battery.

In 2022, Orlando Brown was caught by bounty hunters who were armed with warrants, legal paperwork, and firearms. He was hiding in a closet at an unidentified person’s home. In September of that year, Brown spent time in jail after pleading no contest to trying to change the locks on his friend’s restaurant doors. He also pleaded no contest to possessing narcotics.