Rebel Wilson Announces Engagement to Girlfriend Ramona Agruma at Disneyland

Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson are engaged

Australian actress Rebel Wilson, 41, recently announced her engagement to her partner, Ramona Agruma, while at Disneyland in California. Wilson revealed the news on her Instagram account, posting a series of photos of her and Agruma, including one with her holding up her hand to show off her engagement ring.

Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson are engaged

Wilson proposed to Agruma a custom-made diamond ring with a large central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Wilson announced on Instagram, “We said YES! 💗💗. Thank you @tiffanyandco for the stunning ring 💍 and to Bob Iger and the incredible team at Disneyland @disneyweddings for pulling off this magical surprise!”

The couple has not yet announced a wedding date or any other details about their engagement, but fans eagerly await more news.

In the photo, they can be seen wearing the same pink and white striped sweaters.

Rebel publicly disclosed her relationship with Agruma eight months back in June 2022. After that, they had their first Royce, a daughter, via surrogate in November 2022.

Agruma has been Wilson’s personal trainer and friend for some time.


The actress, in an interview with PEOPLE, said she was “shocked” at “how deep the connection was and how instant it was” when she met Agruma, as she had thought up until that point that she “was really looking for a husband” — to the point where she “[dated] about 50 guys in one year to try to catch up on the dating experience.”

The engagement news was greeted with an outpouring of congratulations and well wishes from Wilson’s fans and friends, including fellow actresses.

While the couple has not announced a wedding date, the engagement has already become a symbol of same-sex love and acceptance. Wilson has advocated for body positivity and self-love.

Wilson and Agruma’s engagement has been hailed as a landmark moment for the LGBTQ+ community.

Wilson, who has been vocal about her weight and body image struggles, has been an inspiration for many.