Russell Crowe and Britney Theriot denied entry to a Japanese Restaurant

russell crowe and brittany theriot were not allowed to enter a restaurant

Australian restaurant Mr. Miyagi has been in the news after refusing entry to Hollywood actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Britney Theriot due to their outfits. The couple was turned away from the Japanese fusion eatery in Melbourne as it enforced its strict dress code. According to the restaurant owner, Kristian Klein, they treat all customers equally, and the dress code policy is consistent for everyone, regardless of their status. Klein clarified that they’re not trying to teach people how to dress, but they expect the guests to respect the establishment by adhering to the dress code.

russell crowe and brittany theriot were not allowed to enter a restaurant

Mr. Miyagi’s dress code policy demands smart-casual attire from its patrons, as the restaurant is described as casual but fancy. However, Crowe and Theriot’s outfits were too casual and did not meet the dress code requirements, according to the restaurant. Crowe’s manager revealed that the Gladiator actor was wearing a brand new Ralph Lauren polo shirt after playing a game of tennis. The incident has received extensive media coverage, with the restaurant doubling down on its decision and insisting that nobody is above the rules, regardless of their celebrity status.

While Klein admitted that the staff member who denied Crowe’s entry didn’t recognize him, he stood firm on the restaurant’s dress code policy. Fortunately, the restaurant owner has since extended an olive branch to Crowe, inviting him to dinner and clarifying that the incident was not personal. Mr. Miyagi’s dress code policy was updated to read, “Dress smart casual, unless you’re Russell Crowe, then wear whatevs,” in a humorous nod to the incident.

Crowe and Theriot are not the only ones to be turned away from the establishment, as other celebrities, including TV commentator Steve Price and his partner, and Australian radio broadcaster Sacha French were also denied entry for dress code violations. Other A-listers, including James Corden and Ariana Grande, have also been banned from eateries for various reasons, making headlines in the process.