Sasha Walpole is the Older woman Prince Harry talks about in his memoir

Sasha Walpole

The mysterious woman who took Prince Harry‘s virginity has finally revealed herself.

Sasha Walpole is the woman Prince Harry talks about related to his first sexual experience. In his autobiography, Spare. He states that an older lady spanked her while Prince lost his virginity in a field behind a busy pub to her.

Sasha Walpole

After people learned about it, various rumors started circulating and wild guesses about who the woman was. As a result, Walpole decided to reveal herself and end the witch hunt. She was afraid that she would “wake up one morning and find a barrage of cameras outside my house.”

She worked at the palace, Highgrove, as the royal groom. Sasha works as a digger driver and landscaper. In an interview with The Sun on Sunday and The Mail on Sunday, she said, “At first I thought I could hide and that it would blow over. But as the names of different women, some of whom I know, became public I realized that to make the speculation stop, I needed to tell the truth. At least now I can tell my story, in my words, with the correct context and detail, and without panicking. I can stop looking over my shoulder. I wanted to take control of the situation before it took control of me…I would never have spoken out if Harry hadn’t. I’m not that sort of person. If I was going to talk about it, I could have done so a long time ago. He has brought it to my door by writing about it.”

She added that Walpole had kept it a secret for 21 years as Harry was a friend. Adding her disappointment, she said, “I don’t understand why he went into such detail. He could have said he lost his virginity and left it at that. But he described how it happened, in a field behind a pub. That’s fine if you’re not the other person involved. But if you’re me, then you suddenly feel as if your world is getting a little bit smaller.”

Walpole said: “I don’t mind him saying that because it isn’t really very glorious, is it? We were drunk and having sex in a field. It’s his sense of humor. [We were part of] a massive horse scene, and the slap happened in a horsey context, the book is a funny interpretation of that. His description is accurate—the real shock when I saw what he’d written was how true it was. That’s what took me back the most. I’m not offended. Afterwards I did grab his bum and give him a slap. I gave him a little squeeze as well. He had a peachy bum.”

She added: “I don’t think people will be amazed about me and Harry having sex in a field, but they are usually astonished by a woman driving a digger.”