Shakira’s Sons Shine in New Music Video: A Tribute to Love and Resilience

Shakira has enlisted the help of her two adorable sons, Sasha and Milan, as her costars in her latest music video.

Shakira's Sons Shine in New Music Video
Shakira’s Sons Shine in New Music Video

The heartwarming video for her new ballad, “Acróstico,” showcases the boys’ musical talents as they join their mom at the piano, singing and playing alongside her.

While the song touches on Shakira’s personal experience of moving on after heartbreak, it primarily emphasizes her children’s profound impact in helping her navigate tough times rather than focusing on the breakup itself.

In the translated lyrics, Shakira sings about how her boys have taught her the true meaning of love, emphasizing that genuine love never fades away. She also expresses her desire to shield them from her vulnerabilities and tears as they embark on a new chapter together.

Demonstrating their musical prowess, the boys sing about how Shakira’s love soothes their pain, promising to be there for her whenever she most needs them.

The accompanying visuals depict the family packing their belongings as they move out of their Barcelona home to start fresh in Miami following Shakira’s separation from her soccer star ex, Gerard Pique.

Reflecting on her time in Barcelona, Shakira took to Instagram to express her gratitude towards the city, its people, and her Spanish audience for their unwavering support and love.

Reportedly, Shakira and Pique have reached a custody agreement, leading the Colombian superstar and her boys to make Miami their new home. With a focus on the well-being of their children, the former couple decided to move back to Miami, where Shakira’s maternal family resides.

Moreover, her Acrostico video showcases the immense talent her sons possess. She explained that Milan had written songs that moved her to tears while Sasha spent countless hours playing the piano, exploring his musical abilities.

The proud mother gladly accepted their request to participate in the video, noting that they felt a genuine connection to the song and performed it with great passion and emotion.

Shakira expressed her immense joy in witnessing her sons spread their wings and pursue their dreams, highlighting that being their mother brings her unparalleled fulfillment.

As Shakira embarked on this new phase of her life, she faced personal challenges and inspired others through her songs. Despite the complexities surrounding her separation from Pique, she remains focused on protecting her children, prioritizing their well-being.

Shakira’s heartfelt dedication to her sons, Milan and Sasha, in the song “Acrostico” highlights their deep bond and celebrates the power of love and resilience in the face of heartbreak.