Skincare brand Missha names actress Elizabeth Olsen as global ambassador

Actress Elizabeth Olsen has been named the global ambassador and face of the new “Beauty is Reality” campaign by Missha, the skincare brand of global beauty company Able C&C. Olsen, known for her roles in Marvel Studios’ Avengers films and TV series WandaVision, was chosen as the spokesperson for the campaign due to her ambition and intelligence that align with the message it aims to convey.

Missha’s global brand campaign emphasizes that beauty need not be overly dramatized or based on inflated luxurious sentiments. Olsen commented that Missha’s innovative and practical message is something she can support, and she personally uses the brand’s famous ampoules to address a variety of skincare needs.

Missha’s redesigned ampoule packaging features a minimalist, user-friendly design with triangular sculptural beauty, reflecting the brand’s identity. Each label’s color represents the primary ingredient of the corresponding ampoule. The campaign launch comes as Missha expands its presence to 46 countries and over 37,000 retail locations worldwide.