Snowfall Ends with Heartbreaking Goodbye: Franklin’s Fate Revealed and Spinoff in the Works.

Snowfall Ends with Heartbreaking Goodbye: Franklin's Fate Revealed and Spinoff in the Works.

After six seasons, the FX drama series “Snowfall” aired its final episode, leaving viewers heartbroken. The show followed Franklin Saint, played by Damson Idris, on his journey from a small-time drug dealer to a major player in the Los Angeles drug trade during the 1980s crack epidemic. The final episode saw Franklin left with no family or friends, living in poverty and despair in his dilapidated family home.

Despite some fans speculating that the character of Franklin might be killed off, the show’s creators opted to leave him alive, facing the damage he had done to his community. The dramatic irony of Franklin having to live in poverty in the neighborhood he had destroyed felt like the right choice for the show’s creators.

“Snowfall” was co-created by John Singleton, who passed away in 2019, making it his final project. The show has been praised for shedding light on the impact of the crack epidemic on Black communities in the United States during the 1980s.

A spinoff of the show is reportedly in early development, with Wanda, a character introduced in the final season, rumored to be the link between the original series and the spinoff. The potential spinoff would explore the West Coast hip-hop scene and the events leading up to Singleton’s film “Boyz N the Hood,” released in 1991.