Something was off with Lisa Marie Presley two days before her sudden death

The cause of Lisa Marie Presley‘s death has not yet been determined, but the LA County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner stated that the cause of death had been deferred after an initial autopsy examination. This means more investigation and additional studies must be conducted to determine the cause.

Lisa Marie Presley was ill two days before her death

So what really happened on that day? As the new details emerged, Lisa was attending the Golden Globes Awards. She was interviewed by Billy Bush, who noticed “Something’s Off.” He recalls, “She was very uneven in her balance. The speech was very slow. And, definitely, when the interview was over, I turned to my producer next to me and said, ‘Something’s off here.'”

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“She was cognizant. She was certainly with it, just a second slow. But she was there. She was definitely there, but just a tad off in some way,” Bush said.

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And on January 12, 911 received a frantic call from the housekeeper, who found Lisa Marie Presley unresponsive. She was distraught, fumbled, and struggled to speak. The operator was struggling to understand her.

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She was immediately rushed to the West Hill Hospital and Medical Center. The operator asked, “Ma’am, is there someone else with you right now? I can hear him better than I can hear you,” After which Lisa’s ex-husband got on the line explaining the situation.

The paramedics’ team arrived on the scene; moreover, Keough gave CPR several times before emergency responders arrived. Her heart stopped several times in the hospital before she was declared dead.