Gwyneth Paltrow crash: My Father has changed after the crash says the daughter

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is currently in court facing allegations that she caused a brain injury to the retired optometrist, Terry Sanderson, during a skiing incident in Utah in 2016. Sanderson’s daughter, Polly Sanderson-Grasham, testified on the third day of the trial, claiming her father’s behavior changed dramatically since the collision. According to her, he is now “easily frustrated” and “agitated,” whereas, before the accident, he was “outgoing and engaged.” Sanderson’s lawyers are arguing that Ms. Paltrow caused his brain injury. However, the actress’ legal team claims that Sanderson is at fault for the crash, citing his previous medical conditions and behavior. Ms. Paltrow has countersued and is seeking $1 in damages plus attorney’s fees.

Terry Sanderson and Gwyneth Paltrow crash news

Sanderson-Grasham shared that she noticed a change in her father’s behavior at an event after the accident, saying he was “sitting in a chair by the window and I almost expected drool to be coming out of his mouth.” She added, “something’s terribly wrong.” While Sanderson’s daughter accepted under cross-examination that her dad was “frequently frustrated” and “overstepping the boundaries” before the accident, she described his current state as “hard for me as his daughter.”

Dr. Alina Fong, a neuropsychologist who treated Sanderson, testified that he had sustained a traumatic brain injury that “completely changed his life.” According to her, Sanderson was “struggling with concussion symptoms for a year and a half” when she saw him in May 2017. She reported he had a “myriad of symptoms,” including “mood and personality changes, pain, as well as headaches.”

Paltrow arrived at the Third District Court in Park City, Utah, for the trial in a fashion statement that raised eyebrows. Her outfit and jewelry have been heavily scrutinized and criticized. Her outfit, consisting of brown, wide-legged trousers, chunky shoes, an olive-green trench coat, and a turtleneck or a cardigan, is reported to cost more than most luxury vehicles. Her clothing line, goop, has been identified as the source of some of her attire, with her Tuesday turtleneck and Wednesday cardigan priced at $595. Her wide-leg corduroy pants, priced at $425, are also reportedly part of her brand. To keep her feet dry, she wore Celine Triomphe lace-up leather boots with elevating soles that cost $1,200. Her Celine Big Bag, which she used to carry her eyewear and court documents, is estimated to be worth approximately $1,600. She also wore a Foundrae gold necklace, which cost $65,000.