The real Reason why Jon Robinson is getting Replaced

Jon Robinson has been the General Manager of the Tennessee Titans for four years. However, at the end of 2022, his career graph differed from how he had imagined.

The Tennessee Titans are replacing him with Ryan Cowden for the rest of the season. But first, let’s read more about Jon Robinson.

Early life

Jon Robinson was born on January 18, 1976, in Union City, Tennessee, US. His full name is Jonathan Thomas “Jon” Robinson; however, he is popularly known as JRob.

Jon has been an NFL fan since childhood, always eager to become a professional football player.

Though his parent’s information is unknown, they were in USAF (United States Air Force); as a result, Jon had an opportunity to represent the United States Air Force Academy after completing high school. 

After only playing for a season, he was transferred to Southeast Missouri State University. Jon Robinson played as a defensive lineman for the State University for three seasons. 

After graduating from the college in 1998, he was retained as a graduate assistant for a season. After that, Nicholls State University hired him as a graduate assistant and promoted him to linebackers coach. Jon stayed with the University team for two years, i.e., from 1999 to 2001.

Professional Career

After quitting Nicholls State University, he joined New England Patriots as an Area Scout in 2002. His hard work and intelligence promoted him to Regional Scout within four years. In 2008, The Patriots again promoted him to the assistant Director of college scouting because of his ability to identify talents.

He had tremendous success in scouting, so he was appointed Director. But life had better opportunities for Jon Robinson. Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired him as the Director of Player Personnel in 2013.

His performance made Tennessee Titans hire him as the General Manager in 2016. With him as the new GM, The Tennessee Titans showed their 2015 records improved from 3-13 to 9-7. However, it is to be noted that Tennessee Titans almost missed the playoffs because they lost to Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tennessee Titans promoted him to executive vice president in 2017 while he was still a general manager. In 2017 there was again an improvement; the team made the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Everybody was thrilled. Though in 2018, the team didn’t make it to the playoffs, Jon Robinson is the only general manager of the Tennessee Titans to have three and then five consecutive winning seasons.

Robinson has discovered and drafted 29 players, of which two made it to the Pro Bowls, running back Derrick Henry and safety Kevin Byard. 

The reason why Tennessee Titans fired Jon Robinson

People love him and admire his tenure with the Tennessee Titans. However, his career ended with Tennessee Titans on December 6, 2022, even though they had secured a 7-5 record.

His dismissal came as a shock to many NFL fans. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero suggested that the Tennessee Titans were unhappy with Jon Robinson’s roster assembly and wanted to see some amendments.

Noticeably his popularity went down the hill after he traded A.J. Brown. The rumor says that they could not meet in the middle; as a result, things didn’t work out. However, the team knew it was imperative to have Brown in the squad after Julio Jones’s release.

Additionally, it is said that the mismanagement and his records of bad draft picks, trades, and signings have made Titan’s management take such an action.

Jon Robinson is getting his four-year pay as per the agreement.