NG Kok Song Affair: Did He Cheat On His Fiancee Sybil Lau?

Discover the truth behind NG Kok Song affair rumors and delve into the details of his relationship with Sybil Lau.

Ng Kok Song, a prominent Singaporean figure, is celebrated for his financial acumen and entrepreneurial prowess.

As the former chief investment officer of GIC from 2007 to 2013 and director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore from 1985-1986, his impact on the financial landscape is significant.

Beyond his roles at GIC and MAS, Ng’s influence extends to founding the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) and serving on the SGX Group and Temasek Holdings boards.

Notably, he’s also the visionary behind Avanda Investment Management, marking his enduring legacy in asset management.

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NG Kok Song Affair: Did He Cheat On His Fiancee Sybil Lau?

There is no substantiated information regarding any affair or cheating involving Ng Kok Song and his fiancée Sybil Lau.

The couple shares a genuine and affectionate relationship despite the 30-year age difference, with Ng, aged 75, and Lau, aged 45.

After the passing of his wife Patricia in 2005, Ng expressed that the love he shared with her was profound, yet he remained open to the possibility of finding love anew.

In 2019, Ng’s path crossed with Lau’s through a mutual friend, sparking a connection that defied expectations.

The couple’s bond grew more robust over time, marked by shared values and mutual support during challenging times.

Ng was particularly drawn to Lau’s intelligence and beauty, overcoming initial reservations about their age difference.

NG Kok Song Affair 1
NG Kok Song is in a loving relationship with fiance Sybil Lau. (Image source: Today Online)

Lau’s admiration for Ng’s insights on long-term investments and her own experiences laid the foundation for their relationship.

Despite the challenges posed by their age disparity, their love flourished, leading to a profound emotional connection.

Their evolving romance culminated in mutual declarations of love and a deep emotional bond.

Ng’s sentiments were particularly heartfelt, as he expressed disbelief at finding true love again at his age.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the unpredictability of love and the capacity for genuine connections to transcend age and circumstance.

In conclusion, no evidence supports any claims of an affair or cheating involving Ng Kok Song and Sybil Lau.

Instead, their relationship is a touching tale of love, companionship, and the remarkable journey of two individuals finding solace and happiness in each other’s company.

Who Is NG Kok Song Fiancee Sybil Lau?

Sybil Lau, a Singaporean citizen born in Canada, boasts a distinguished background interwoven with diplomatic lineage and financial expertise.

Her father, Liu Zhaohang, a former diplomat, served as Canada’s High Commissioner to Brunei and was the inaugural Chinese-Canadian diplomat appointed to a G7 country.

Meanwhile, her maternal grandfather, Zhang Yuliang, a prominent Hong Kong businessman, wielded influence in real estate and finance.

Lau’s academic journey led her to graduate with an undisclosed bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, in December 2000.

Notably, her professional footprint includes financial giant Goldman Sachs’s tenure as a financial analyst from 2005 to 2007.

NG Kok Song Fiancee Sybil Lau
Sybil Lau is the founder of Bridgewater Associates. (Image Source: Mothership)

Subsequently, she assumed the mantle of overseeing her family’s wealth, which she has embraced since 2009.

Lau’s financial acumen flourished as a Singapore-based family office board member established by Ray Dalio, a prominent United States billionaire and founder of Bridgewater Associates, a leading global hedge fund.

Her impressive trajectory extends into healthcare and social advocacy, serving as an independent director of a major Canadian healthcare firm, Well Health Technologies, since August 2022.

She is also a board member of SG Enable since January 2023 – an agency dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities under Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Their unique connection was forged through shared investment interests. After encountering Ng Kok Song in a YouTube video discussing long-term investments, Lau’s admiration led her to share the video with friends, inadvertently introducing her to a friend of Ng’s.

Despite initial concerns about their age difference, a meaningful romance burgeoned, spotlighting a testament to shared values and an affinity for financial pursuits.

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