A brutally murdered ex-wife of OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson

Who is Nicole Brown Simpson?

Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of former footballer Orenthal James Simpson, famously known as O.J. Simpson, was a victim of a brutal murder that shook the world. The couple exchanged vows in 1985 and had a tumultuous marriage marred by domestic violence allegations. Despite being a victim of abuse, Nicole showed immense strength and courage and finally ended her relationship with O.J. Simpson in 1992.

However, Nicole’s life was cut short when she was murdered in her LA home on June 12, 1994. Along with her friend Ron Goldman, Nicole was found dead, and her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, was the prime suspect in the case. The tragic incident shocked the world and raised important questions about domestic violence, abuse, and the justice system.

The name “Nicole” has French and Greek origins, and it means “people of victory” or “victory of people.” Unfortunately, Nicole’s life was far from victorious. She suffered in an abusive relationship and ultimately died at a young age. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up against domestic violence and seeking help when in danger.

Nicole Brown Simpson

Quick facts

Full nameNicole Brown Simpson
BirthdayMay 19, 1959
TraitsPositive: reliable, down-to-earth, and patient
Negative: stubborn
DeathJune 12, 1994
Age35 years old
BirthplaceFrankfurt, Germany
Place of deathLos Angeles, California, USA
ParentsLouis Hezekiel Brown,
Juditha Anne Brown
SiblingsDenise Brown,
Tanya Brown,
Dominique Brown,
Wendy Kirk,
Tracy Brown,
Margit Carr,
Rolf Baur
Marital statusSingle
SpouseOJ Simpson (1985–1992)
ChildrenSydney Brooke Simpson,
Justin Ryan Simpson
EducationSaddleback College,
Rancho Alamitos High School,
Dana Hills High School
Net worthUSD 1 million
Height5 ft 5 inches (1.65 m)
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde

Early life

Nicole Brown Simpson childhood
Nicole Brown Simpson’s childhood photo

Nicole Brown Simpson’s childhood began in Frankfurt, Germany, where she was born on May 19, 1959, to her American father, Louis Hezekiel “Lou” Brown, and her German mother, Juditha Anne “Judy” Brown. Her parents met when Louis served in the US Army in West Germany.

Nicole’s family moved to the United States when she was a young girl, and she grew up in Southern California. She was raised in a close-knit family with three younger sisters, Denise, Wendy, and Tanya. Unfortunately, Nicole’s parents divorced when she was just eight, and she had to learn to navigate the complexities of living in a broken home.

Despite the challenges, Nicole was an excellent student and worked hard to achieve her educational goals. She attended Rancho Alamitos High School in Garden Grove, California, where she was an active member of the school’s cheerleading team. Later on, Nicole graduated from Dana Hills High School in Dana Point, California, in 1977.

After high school, Nicole enrolled at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, where she pursued her education. However, she dropped out of college to pursue her relationship with O.J. Simpson, whom she married in 1985.

Nicole’s childhood experiences shaped her into a resilient and determined woman. Despite her challenges, she remained focused on her education and pursued her dreams. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and hard work in achieving one’s goals.

Nicole’s life took a tragic turn when she became a victim of domestic violence in her marriage to O.J. Simpson. She suffered in silence for years before finally breaking free from the abusive relationship in 1992. However, her life was cut short when she was brutally murdered on June 12, 1994, leaving behind a legacy inspiring many to speak out against domestic violence and abuse.


Nicole Brown Simpson with her parents and sisters

Nicole Brown Simpson was born to Louis Hezekiel “Lou” Brown, an American citizen, and Juditha Anne “Judy” Brown, a German citizen, in Frankfurt, Germany. The couple met when Lou served in the US Army in West Germany. Nicole had a close-knit family and grew up with her siblings in Southern California.

Nicole had three younger sisters, Denise Brown, Tanya Brown, and Dominique Brown, who were integral to her life. She was also part of a large family, with other siblings, including Wendy Kirk, Tracy Brown, Margit Carr, and Rolf Baur. Her family lived a joyful life together, and despite the challenges that came with her parent’s divorce when she was young, Nicole remained close to her siblings throughout her life.

Denise Brown, Nicole’s oldest sister, played a crucial role in the aftermath of Nicole’s murder, serving as a witness in the highly publicized trial against O.J. Simpson. Tanya Brown, Nicole’s other sister, also became a fierce advocate for domestic violence victims following her sister’s death.


Nicole Brown Simpson’s life changed dramatically when she met O.J. Simpson, a former football player, actor, and television personality, in 1977. The couple first crossed paths while Nicole worked as a waitress at a private club in Beverly Hills. At the time, Nicole was only 18 years old and was new to the Los Angeles area.

When he began dating Nicole, O.J. Simpson was still married to his first wife, Marguerite. The couple’s relationship was not without controversy, and their affair raised eyebrows in the media. However, they continued to see each other, and in 1979, Simpson’s divorce from Marguerite was made official.

Nicole and O.J. Simpson went on to have a tumultuous relationship, marred by allegations of domestic violence. Despite the challenges, the couple married on February 2, 1985, in the Rockingham Estate’s backyard. At their wedding, Nicole was just 18 years old, while O.J. Simpson was 32.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s marriage to O.J. Simpson was far from idyllic. Allegations of domestic violence, infidelity, and instability marred the couple’s relationship.

In 1992, after years of silence, Nicole finally ended her relationship with O.J. Simpson and filed for divorce. The couple’s divorce was finalized on October 15, 1992, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation.

O.J. Simpson

Nicole Brown Simpson with ex-husband O.J Simpson

O.J. Simpson is a former American football player, actor, and television personality, who became a household name for his success on and off the field. Simpson was born on July 9, 1947, in San Francisco, California, and began his football career at the University of Southern California, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1968.

Simpson played professionally for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers, earning multiple accolades and records. He retired from football in 1979 and transitioned into a career as an actor and television personality, making appearances in several films and TV shows.

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Ron Goldman

Ron Goldman was a young man with a bright future ahead of him when his life was tragically cut short in the same brutal murder that claimed the life of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Goldman and Nicole had a close friendship, often hanging out at clubs and coffee shops. Six weeks before their murder, Nicole had even lent him her Ferrari to drive. Ron was a kind and caring young man loved by those who knew him.

At the time of his death, Goldman was working as a waiter at Mezzaluna Trattoria, a restaurant that Nicole and her mother had dined at earlier in the day. Nicole Brown Simpson called Ron to inform him that her mother had left her sunglasses on the table and asked him to drop them off at her house after work. Ron agreed, which is why he was at Nicole’s house on June 12, 1994.

Tragically, Ron Goldman was also brutally murdered that night, alongside Nicole Brown Simpson. Their deaths sparked a media frenzy and a highly publicized trial that captivated the nation. While Ron’s life was cut tragically short, his memory lives on through the work of his family and those who loved him.

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Nicole Brown Simpson kids

Nicole Brown Simpson with family

Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson had two children who made their mark in the world. Their eldest child, a daughter named Sydney Brooke Simpson, was born on October 17, 1985, just months after Nicole’s marriage to O.J. Simpson.

After the tragic murder of her mother, Sydney went to live with her paternal grandparents. She was raised by Nicole’s sister, Tanya Brown, after their deaths. Since her mother’s death, Sydney has largely stayed out of the public eye. Still, she has pursued a successful career in real estate, working as a real estate agent and developing a portfolio of properties.

Justin Ryan Simpson was born on August 6, 1988. Unlike his father, a famous football player, Justin was not interested in pursuing a career in sports. Instead, he received a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurial and Small Business from Florida State University.

After graduation, Justin pursued a career in real estate and now owns multiple real estate businesses. He has kept a low profile in the media and has largely stayed out of the public eye.

Nicole Brown Simpson death

The death of Nicole Brown Simpson was a tragedy that shocked the nation. The brown-eyed beauty was 35 years old when she was murdered on June 12, 1994, in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Nicole’s death resulted from a brutal murder that shook the nation to its core.

Nicole was not alone when she died. She was with her friend Ron Goldman, a waiter who had come to her house to return a pair of sunglasses. The two were brutally murdered, and their deaths sparked a media frenzy and a highly publicized trial that captivated the nation.

According to the autopsy report, Nicole suffered seven stab wounds in the neck and scalp area, with a 14 cm-long cut across her throat. The wounds were so severe that they had pierced 1.9 cm into her cervical vertebrae. Nicole also had defensive wounds on her hands, indicating that she fought for her life before ultimately succumbing to her injuries.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s funeral happened on June 16, 1994, at the St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church. in her family and children’s presence. Simpson was buried in Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, California.


At the age of 18, Nicole worked as a waitress at Beverly Hills in a private club named ‘The Daisy.’

Nicole worked at a clothing boutique before working at Daisy. It is also heard that she had put her hands into a small interior designing business.

But, the other work details of Nicole Brown Simpson are not yet out in public.

Nicole Brown Simpson net worth

The net worth of Nicole Brown Simpson was at an estimated USD 1 million. She lived lavishly with her two children Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson.

Nicole Brown Simpson lived at 875 South Bundy Drive in Brentwood, LA, California. She resided there with her two children.

The place continues to attract people even years after the brutal murder of Nicole and her friend.


What did Nicole Brown Simpson do for a living?

Nicole was a waitress at an upscale Beverly Hills Club called “The Daisy.” After marrying O.J. Simpson, she opened a small interior designing business. 

What happened to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?

Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, were murdered after being stabbed multiple times. Nicole was stabbed 12 times, whereas Ron was stabbed 25 times.

How old was Nicole Brown Simpson when she died?

Nicole Brown was 35 years old when she was murdered.

How was Nicole Brown Simpson discovered?

Nicole Brown Simpson’s dead body, alongside her friend Ron, was discovered by the neighbor who peeked inside the fenced garden in front of the condo. Her body was lying on the walkway steps just some feet inside the gate.

When was Nicole’s body found?

Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s body were found at 12:10 AM on June 12, 1994.

How tall was Nicole Brown Simpson?

Nicole was 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Who murdered Nicole Brown Simpson?

Nicole’s ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, was convicted of her murder. However, he pleaded “not guilty.” Thus, the answer to who murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman remains a mystery.

How did Nicole Brown Simpson die?

Nicole Brown Simpson died after being stabbed in the neck seven times. 

How many times was Nicole stabbed?

Nicole was stabbed 12 times, while Ron was stabbed 25 times.

Why was Ron Goldman at Nicole Simpson’s house?

Ron went to Nicole Simpson’s house to return her mother’s glasses, which she had forgotten in the restaurant at which Ron was working.

When did Nicole Brown Simpson die?

The brown-eyed beauty, Nicole Brown Simpson, died in Brentwood, Los Angeles on June 12, 1994. Nicole got killed along with her waiter friend Ron Goldman.

Who died first, Nicole or Ron Goldman?

Nicole Brown died in a pool of her blood, but her feet had no bloodstain present. Hence, it justifies that Nicole Brown Simpson died before Ron Goldman.

Did Nicole Brown hire a painter?

Yes. Nicole Brown Simpson had hired Glen Roger to paint her house.

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