Nikita Strictly Surgery: Before And After Photos Of Plastic Surgery

Nikita Strictly Surgery has piqued the interest of all of his fans, who want to discover the truth about her medical transformation.

Nikita Kanda works as a radio host and broadcaster. She joined the BBC Asian Network in 2021 and became the Asian Network Breakfast presenter in July 2022. She competed in the twenty-first series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2023.

Nikita began temporarily hosting the Asian Network Breakfast Show in July 2022 and was later selected as the permanent host in January 2023.

In addition, she was nominated for Presenter of the Year at the Asian Media Awards for her work on the channel.

Kanda is also a regular correspondent on The One Show, where she has covered themes such as the emergence of cashless businesses and government support for female sports.

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Nikita Strictly Surgery: rumours or truth

Many individuals have searched for Nikita Kanda’s surgery photographs online, but as of now, reputable media sources still need to provide confirmed information regarding her undergoing surgery.

The speculation surrounding her surgery has been a prominent topic in the media for some time, with many believing that she may have undergone plastic surgery. However, the actress has not officially confirmed any such procedures.

In recent news, Nikita Kanda expressed her sadness after sustaining an injury just before the movie week on Strictly Come Dancing, resulting in her and her dance partner Gorka Marquez being eliminated from the competition.

Furthermore, she opened up about her emotions on the Monday episode of the BBC sister show, Strictly It Takes Two, expressing her disappointment at exiting the competition earlier than expected.

Nikita Strictly before and after photos

Nikita Kanda had not had any cosmetic surgery, and there were no reliable reports or before-and-after images to back up such claims.

Despite the fact that there are numerous rumours and hypotheses regarding where celebrities are, it is critical to use reliable sources before passing judgment.

Respecting people’s privacy and avoiding disseminating misleading information or making assumptions about their choices are critical.

Nikita Strictly Surgery
Nikita Kanda had not had any cosmetic surgery. (Source- Yahoo)

Nikita’s amazing talent, emotional performances, and contributions to the broadcasting should be recognised.

While it’s natural for fans to be interested in their favourite celebrity’s appearance, it’s also important to remember that their skills and abilities are important.

Whether or whether she has undergone cosmetic treatments, she deserves to be recognised and supported for her ability and dedication to journalism.

Nikita Kanda appearing on Strictly Come Dancing

Nikita was confirmed as the show’s eighth star for the 2023 season.

The show’s professional dancers have greeted her warmly, with Graziano di Prima and Jowita Przystal both expressing their delight in the Instagram comments.

Kanda was also one of thirty ladies on the final series of ITV’s dating show Take Me Out in 2019.

Kanda joined the BBC Asian Network in March 2021, mostly as a regular relief presenter and Saturday afternoon host.

Nikita Kanda
Nikita Kanda in the shoe Strictly Come Dancing (Source- Yahoo)

She began temporarily hosting the Asian Network Breakfast Show in July 2022 and was named permanent host in January 2023. Kanda stated-“It’s the only job I’ve ever jumped out of bed at 4 a.m. for because I love radio.”

Nikita will do a jive to Kim Wilde’s Kids in America from the film Clueless this weekend as part of Movie Week.

In other news, her partner Gorka Marquez will star as Ken in the professionals’ ensemble dance to Dance The Night Away from the film Barbie, alongside fellow pro-Dianne Buswell as the renowned blonde.

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