NJ Lara Emanuele Missing Update 2023: Family Seeks Help Still Not Found

Lara Emanuele missing has prompted extensive search efforts as authorities work tirelessly to locate her.

Lara Emanuele, a woman from Roxbury, has been reported missing, sparking an extensive search effort in the Berkshire Valley State Wildlife Management Area near the Mount Arlington Holiday Inn Express.

After her abandoned car was found the morning after her disappearance, state, county, local law enforcement, and a civilian search party have been combing through the vast woods in hopes of locating her.

The search has been ongoing for five days as authorities intensify their efforts to find any trace of Lara Emanuele and unravel the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

Family, friends, and authorities remain hopeful for her safe return, and the community is urged to come forward with any information that could assist in the search for Lara Emanuele.

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NJ Lara Emanuele Missing Update 2023

In an ongoing effort to locate the missing Roxbury woman, Lara Emanuele, authorities have intensively searched the Berkshire Valley State Wildlife Management Area near the Mount Arlington Holiday Inn Express, where her car was found abandoned the day after her disappearance.

Over five days, state, county, and local law enforcement, along with a civilian search party, have meticulously combed through the woodlands of the 50,000-square-foot preserve.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert Carroll addressed the public’s concerns, emphasizing that all available resources are being utilized to locate Lara and promising updates as they become available.

NJ Lara Emanuele Missing update
Lara Emanuel, 46, was last seen in Roxbury on Wednesday, June 7, police said. (Image Source: Patch)

Described as a 46-year-old Roxbury resident, Lara Emanuele stands approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, has red hair, and weighs around 125 pounds.

Since Wednesday, she has been missing, heightening worries and promoting community support in spreading awareness online.

While authorities continue their extensive search, they kindly request that residents refrain from conducting further searches in Berkshire Valley.

This precaution prevents confusion for the specially trained K-9 dogs to track Lara’s last known movements.

Instead, community members are encouraged to assist investigators by sharing information about the missing woman across various online platforms. The collaborative effort aims to maximize awareness and aid in the safe recovery of Lara Emanuele.

Lara Emanuele’s Family Seeks Help to Find Her

The family of Lara Emanuele, the missing Roxbury woman, is contacting the public for assistance locating her.

As the search efforts continue, Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll specifically urges hunters with trail cameras installed in the Berkshire Valley State Wildlife Management Area to review their footage from June 7 onwards.

If anyone is spotted in the recordings, they are asked to contact the Roxbury Police Department or directly email Detective Tom Gaboda.

Concerned residents who possess any information regarding Lara Emanuele or her whereabouts are strongly encouraged to call the Roxbury Police Department at (973) 448-2100 or the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Missing Persons Unit at (973) 285-2900.

NJ Lara Emanuele family seeks help
Residents with information regarding Emanuele or her whereabouts are urged to call the Roxbury Police Department. (Image Source: Daily Voice)

Prosecutor Carroll expressed his commitment to using every available resource to locate Lara and reassured the public that updates would be provided whenever possible.

He also expressed gratitude to all the dedicated law enforcement personnel involved in the ongoing search for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts.

The Emanuele family remains hopeful for Lara’s safe return and seeks the community’s support in spreading awareness and sharing any pertinent information.

Any assistance, no matter how small, may play a significant role in finding Lara and returning her to her loved ones.

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