NJ Rapper Dane Ellis Wikipedia Age Girlfriend And Family

Dane Ellis Wikipedia reveals the captivating journey of an enigmatic rapper hailing from New Jersey. With limited information, Ellis’s life and music career remains intriguing, leaving a mystery around this talented artist.

Dane Ellis, a rapper from Franklin Township, New Jersey, gained notoriety when he appeared in Middlesex County court on May 24, 1999, for his arraignment on murder charges.

Ellis was accused of killing his girlfriend, Sakeera Stokes, who had planned to end their relationship.

Stokes had been missing for two months until her decomposing body was discovered in the trunk of her grandmother’s car over a week ago.

The autopsy revealed that she had been shot in the head and strangled, although the murder weapon remained undiscovered.

This tragic event overshadowed Ellis’ music career, highlighting the severe legal allegations he faced.


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NJ Rapper Dane Ellis Wikipedia Age

Dane Ellis, professionally known as Drama, is a rapper from New Jersey who gained some recognition as a member of the rap group ATM (Addicted to Money), according to prosecutors.

However, his career was marred by a tragic incident in New Brunswick.

When his 19-year-old girlfriend expressed her intention to break up with him, Ellis was charged with fatally shooting her, a devastating event that shocked the community.

Despite these notable events, limited information is available about Dane Ellis beyond the given details.

It is estimated that he would be approximately 45 to 47 years old as of the present day, considering his age at the time of the incident in 1999.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of further information, not much can be said about his personal life, musical endeavors, or any potential growth in his career.

NJ Rapper Dane Ellis Wikipedia Age
NJ Rapper Dane Ellis girlfriend is murdered. (Source: CNA )

The circumstances surrounding the tragic event overshadowed any potential rise to prominence that Ellis might have achieved in the music industry, leaving his current activities and overall trajectory relatively unknown.

NJ Rapper Dane Ellis Girlfriend

Sakeera Stokes, a 19-year-old resident of Somerset, was tragically killed in a violent incident involving her boyfriend, Dane Ellis.

On the day she planned to end their relationship, Ellis, 22, was charged with fatally shooting and strangling Stokes.

The investigation into her disappearance led to the discovery of her body in the trunk of a car parked at a North Brunswick apartment complex two months after she went missing.

An autopsy revealed that Stokes had been shot once in the head and strangled.

Dane Ellis Wikipedia
May the soul of Sakeera Stokes, Rest In Peace. (Source: Sanatan)

Stokes resided with her grandparents and left their home on March 15 to meet a friend.

According to Middlesex County prosecutors, she confided in her friend about her intention to break up with Ellis that night.

The prosecutors believe that Stokes was killed on that day in Franklin Township.

However, not much is known about Stokes beyond these tragic circumstances, including her background, personal life, or relationship history.

The murder weapon has not been located, leaving unanswered questions about the specifics of the crime.

NJ Rapper Dane Ellis Family

Limited information is available regarding Dane Ellis’ family.

They may have chosen to maintain their privacy, which is understandable.

Dane Ellis was convicted of murder and hindering apprehension by a jury.

He received consecutive sentences resulting in life imprisonment plus five years, with a requirement to serve thirty-two and a half years before becoming eligible for parole.

Ellis appealed the convictions, but the court rejected his arguments regarding the admissibility of his confession and the weight of the evidence.

In April 2007, Ellis petitioned for post-conviction relief (PCR) with additional support from assigned counsel.

He claimed that his trial attorney failed to conduct a proper investigation by not hiring an investigator, discouraged him from testifying, and neglected to challenge the legality of his arrest based on errors in the complaint and lack of probable cause in the affidavit.

Ellis contended that his alleged statement should be considered inadmissible as the “fruit of the poisonous tree” and that he was denied due process due to his attorney’s failure to file additional motions and object to particular testimony.

However, his PCR petition was dismissed, and the decision was affirmed on appeal.

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