Peter Francis Straub, the author behind Ghost Story and Julia and The Talisman and Julia, has died.

Peter Francis Straub, who depicted the supernatural in novels like Julia, Ghost Story, and The Talisman, died.

His wife, Susan Straub, confirmed the news and said he died due to ”complications from a broken hip.” He died at 79.

He was born in Milwaukee on March 2nd, 1943. A car accident as a child left him in the hospital and temporarily wheelchair.

 After being released from the hospital, he began to re-learned to walk for several months.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison awarded Straub a BA in 1965 and a MA in 1966. He moved to Dublin, Ireland, to pursue a Ph.D. with his wife and to begin writing professionally in 1969.

Peter Francis Straub wrote his first book, Marriage, in 1973.

Once, He said, he didn’t like his first book, which was “full of adolescent errors and real aimlessness.”

He began to play with the supernatural in Julia, his third novel, and though he didn’t intend it, the book became a horror book because it involved a ghost.

Taking the horror genre, he began to “pull it upstairs a little bit” to “make a little more of the material that existed in it in the recent past.” Mia Farrow starred in both films.

Peter Francis Straub won a Bram Stoker award from the Horror Writers Association for his final novel, A Dark Matter, published in 2010.

 He leaves behind his wife and daughter (novelist Emma Straub), a son (who runs a production company that adapts his father’s work), and three grandchildren.

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