O.J. Simpson bio, family, career & net worth

Who is O.J. Simpson?

O.J. Simpson, now 75 years old, has been a household name for a decade.

Orenthal James Simpson, widely known as “O.J. Simpson” or “The Juice,” is a famous former American football player who has attained record-breaking awards, an actor, a sports commentator, an advertising spokesman, a convicted criminal.

OJ Simpson Biography

O.J. Simpson is best known for the murder trial of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

His controversy is one that millions of people over the world have watched. 

So join me while I write you the story of a convicted felon who once lived a life of fame and wealth only to be brought down by his karma.

quick facts

Full nameOrenthal James Simpson
NicknameO.J., The Juice
BirthdayJuly 9, 1947
Age75 years old
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California
ParentsEunice SimpsonJimmy Lee Simpson
SiblingsMelvin Lean ‘Truman’ Simpson (dead), Shirley Simpson-Baker, Carmelita Simpson-Durio (dead)
SpouseNicole Brown (1985-1989) Marguerite L. Whitley (1967- 1979)
ChildrenArnelle L. Simpson, Jason Lamar Simpson, Aaren Lashone Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson, and Justin Ryan Simpson
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight95 kgs
  • Undergraduate degree from the University of Southern CaliforniaHigh school degree from Galileo High School, San Francisco. 
CareerAmerican football player, actor, sports commentator
Net worth             USD 3 million

O.J. Simpson’s interesting facts

1. O.J.’s complete form is Orenthal James

O.J. Simpson is a famous American football player with record-breaking awards. He is renowned as O.J. If you’re guessing what O.J means, it’s a shortcut to Orenthal James.

He was named after his aunt’s favorite French actor. He is also known as “The Juice.”

2. O.J. Simpson’s father was a drag queen

O.J. was born to Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson in San Francisco, California. 

His father was a bank custodian. Later, he announced that he was gay and was performing as a drag queen in San Francisco Bay Area. 

He later died of AIDS in 1986.

3. Simpson started his football career as a running back

O.J. Simpson was enrolled as a transfer student at USC. He played as a running back for head coach John McKay from 1967-1968. His gameplay was one of the greatest in football in the 20th century. 

4. Simpson had the highest contract in sports history

Buffalo Bills wanted Simpson to play for them in the AFL-NFL in 1969. However, he demanded a payment of $650,000 for over five years and threatened them that he would instead pursue a career in acting instead.

To this, the Buffalo Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, agreed.

5. O.J. Simpson had married twice

O.J. was first married to Marguerite L. Whitley in 1967. In 1977, he cheated on her with a waitress named Nicole Brown.

He divorced Marguerite in 1979 and married Nicole in 1985.

6. O.J. Simpson has five children

O.J. has three children with Marguerite named Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason Lamar Simpson, and Aaren Lashone Simpson. Unfortunately, Aaren died when he was only two years old.

On the other hand, Nicole and O.J. have a daughter named Sydney Brooke Simpson and a son named Justin Ryan Simpson.

7. O.J. is not only famous as a football player

O.J. is not only a record-breaking American football player. He is also an actor, a sports commentator, and an advertising spokesman.

He is also a convicted criminal who was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

O.J. Simpson childhood

O.J. Simpson was born on July 9, 1947, to Eunice Simpson and Jimmy Lee Simpson in San Francisco, California.

OJ Simpson with his mother and father
O.J. Simpson, Jimmy Lee Simpson (Father), and Eunice Simpson (Mother)

He has three siblings: Melvin Leon ‘Truman’ Simpson, Shirley Simpson-Baker, and Carmelita Simpson-Durio.

Simpson was named ‘Orenthal’ after his aunt’s favorite French actor.

Simpson’s mother was a hospital administrator, while his father was a chef and a bank custodian. Interestingly, his father was also a drag queen in San Francisco Bay Area and announced that he was gay.

His parents separated in 1968, and then he was raised by his mother at her maternal home. His father later died of AIDS in 1986.

As a child, he had rickets and wore braces until he was five years old.

As a teenager, he joined a street gang called “The Persian Warriors” and got briefly jailed at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center for robbery. That is where he met a person who acted as a hero in his life, Willie Mays.

Willie made him realize that he could achieve his dreams.


O.J. completed his high school at Galileo High School (Now: Galileo Academy of Science and Technology), San Francisco.

He played for the school football team, The Galileo lions.

He enrolled at City College of San Francisco and played football as a running back and defensive back. He was named to the Junior College All- American team as a running back.

After City College won the Prune Bowl, many colleges wanted O.J Simpson as their transfer student. However, he chose the University of Southern California (USC) as it was his dream university.

USC is a big deal for every American football player.

road to fame

After being enrolled as a transfer student at USC, O.J. Simpson started playing as a running back for head coach John McKay in 1967 and 1968.

John-McKay coaching O.J. Simpson

Under his guidance, Simpson’s gameplay was regarded as one of the greatest football games of the 20th century. 

Simpson won the ‘Walter Camp Award’ in 1967 and was a two-time All- American

All-American is the College Football All-America team, an honor given to the best American college football players at their respective positions annually. 

In 1968, he won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, and the Walter Camp Award. He also held the record for the Heisman’s most significant margin of victory.

O.J. Simpson professional football career

Buffalo Bills wanted O.J Simpson on the first selection for the 1969 AFL-NFL (American Football League- National Football League) Common Draft in 1968.  But, Simpson demanded what seemed to be the largest contract in sports history — $650,000 for over five years.

He threatened to skip professional football and pursue an acting career instead.  So Buffalo Bills’ owner, Ralph Wilson, gave in and agreed to pay Simpson. 


O.J Simpson struggled in his first three years of professional football. He was trained by John Rauch and was assigned to try out and play from different positions like blocking and receiving duties instead of running back.  

Buffalo Bills even brought another coach, Harvey Johnson, after Rauch resigned. Despite this, Simpson was still ineffective.

Johnson was fired, and Lou Saban was brought as the head coach in 1971. Saban made Simpson the centerpiece of Buffalo Bills’ offense in 1973. 

From then on, Simpson became the first player to break the highly coveted 2,000-yard rushing mark with 2,003 total rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.

Many of the other players have broken the 2,000-yard mark, but what makes Simpson unique is the fact that he established it in a time when the NFL had only 14 games per season.

It has 16 games per season now.

He also won that year’s NFL MVP Award and Bert Bell Award.

O.J Simpson was placed on the 2nd NFL’s all-time rushing list with 11,236 rushing yards by the time he retired in 1976.

He now stands on the 21st.

During his football career, he was named the NFL player of the year in 1973 and is the only player to rush over 200 yards in six different games in his career. 

He won the NFL rushing title four times. He was also enlisted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

In 2019, he was named to the National Football League 100th Anniversary of the All-time team.

He gained his nickname ‘Juice’ as a metaphorical synonym to his powerful entity and for the best gameplay, he showed on the ground.

The list of awards O.J Simpson won on his football career is listed as below:

1972- 19765 x Pro Bowl
1972-19765 x First-Team  All-Pro
1973NFL Most Valuable Player
1973NFL Offensive Player of the Year
1973Bert Bell Award
1973A.P. Athlete of the Year
1972, 1973, 1975, 19764 x NFL rushing touchdown leader
1973, 19752 x NFL rushing touchdown leader 
1969AFL All-star
 Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame
 NFL 1970s All-Decade Team
 NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team
 NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team
1967National Champion
1967Walter Camp Award
1968Heisman Trophy
1968Maxwell Award
1967, 19682 x Unanimous All-American 

O.J. Simpson’s acting career

After retiring from football, he moved into the acting and sports commentary field and had his show. Below are the lists of all the films and shows that he has been a part of.  

1968IronsideDragnetPrice tag death Community Relations DR:10OnlookerStudent
1969Medical CenterThe last 10 yardsBro Wiley
1971Why? The Athlete
1972Code’s CountyBlackoutJeff Hughes
1973Here’s LucyThe Big GameHimself
1974The KlansmanO.J Simpson: Juice on the loose


The Towering Inferno




1976The Cassandra CrossingKilling Force HaleyAlexander
1977A killing affair Roots Woodrow YorkKadi Touray
1978Capricorn One Cmdr. John Walker
1979Fire PowerGoldie and the Boxer CatlettJoe Gallagher
1980Detour to terror Lee Hayes
1981Goldie and the Boxer Go to Hollywood Joe Gallagher
1983Cocaine and Blue EyesHambone and Hillie Michael BrennenTucker
1985-911st and Ten5 episodesT.D Parker
1987Back to the BeachStudent exchange A man at the airport Soccer Coach
1988The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad Detective Nordberg
1989In the heat of the nightWalkoutCouncilman Lawson Stiles
1991The Naked Gun2 ½: The smell of fear Detective Nordberg
1993CIA Code Name: AlexaFor goodness sake


No place to hide

 Nick MurphyMan in restaurant


Allie Wheeler

1994Naked Gun: 33 1/3: The Final resultFrogmen Detective NordbergJohn ‘Bullfrog’ Burke
2006Juiced with O.J Simpson Himself
2011JailSeason 2, Episode 18Himself
2018Who is America?Episode 7Himself

O.J. Simpson documentary

There are lots of documentaries made in the name of O.J Simpson.

Some of the most famous ones are O.J: Made in America, The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, Who Killed Nicole?, O.J: The Untold Story, O.J: Monster or Myth, and June 17th, 1994. 

There is also a Netflix Series titled ‘The People vs. O.J Simpson‘ that is a must-watch.

O.J. Simpson Netflix

The trial of O.J Simpson is made into a Netflix drama series in American Crime Series. The series, released in 2016, is titled ‘The People vs. O.J Simpson’. 

Created by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, the series depicts the twists and turns of O.J.’s murder trial and examines behind-the-scenes gambits of both parties of the court.

This Netflix series got nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards 22 times. It was also nominated at the Golden Globes. 

The movie has cast Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran, Christian Clemenson as William Hodgman, and Sterling K. Brown as Christopher Darden.

In addition, Kenneth Choi has acted as Judge Lance Ito, Selma Blair as Kris Jenner, and Cuba Gooding Jr as O.J Simpson.

O.J. Simpson books

There are lots of books relating to O.J Simpson, his career, and the murder trial.

Some of the best books you would want to check out are:

1. If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer (Dominick Dunne, 2007)

2. The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J Simpson (Jeffrey Toobin, 1996)

3. Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J Simpson Got Away with Murder (Vincent Buglioso, 1996)

4. Without A Doubt (Marcia Clark, 1997)

5. In Contempt (Christopher Darden, 1996)

6. O.J. is Innocent, and I Can prove It (William Dear, 2012)

7. The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney’s Bried on the O.J Simpson Case (Robert L. Shapiro, 1996)

8. Murder in Brentwood (Mark Fuhrman, 1997)

9. American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense (Larence Schiller, James Willwerth, 1996)

10. Evidence Dismissed: The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O.J Simpson (Dan Moldea, 1997)

11. Triumph of Justice: Closing the book on O.J Simpson Saga (Daniel Petrocelli, 2016)

12. O.J Simpson, the Killer (Cheryl Kane, 2016)

13. I Want to Tell You: My Response to Your Letters, Your Messages, Your Questions (O.J Simpson, 1995)

14. Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson (Sheila Weller, 1995)

15. Reasonable Doubts (Alan Dershowitz, 1996)

16. O.J. A to Z: The Complete Handbook to the Trial of the Century (Clifford L. Lindedecker, 1995)

17. The truth about O.J Simpson Robbery (Michael McClinton, 2015)

18. The Life of O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown (J. D Rockefeller, 2016)

O.J. Simpson relationships

O.J Simpson married Marguerite L. Whitley on June 19, 1967. 

O.J. Simpson with his first wife Marguerite Simpson

He and Marguerite have three children: Arnelle L. Simpson, born in 1968; Jason Lamar Simpson, born in 1970; and Aaren Lashone Simpson, born in 1977.

The youngest of all, Aaren drowned in the family’s swimming pool and died in 1979

You can read about the son of OJ Simpson Jason Simpson over here.


While he was still married to Marguerite, Simpson started dating Nicole Brown. He met Nicole in 1977 at a nightclub called “The Daisy,” where she was working as a waitress.

O.J Simpson divorced Whitley in March 1979.

After eight years of dating, Simpson married Nicole Brown on February 2, 1985. He was already retired from football then.

They had two children: Sydney Brooke Simpson, born in 1985, and Justin Ryan Simpson, born in 1988. Their marriage lasted for seven years, during which Simpson was accused of domestic violence in 1989.

Nicole filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. She got USD 433,000 as a divorce settlement and USD 10,000 a month for child support. 

Read the biography of Sydney Brooke Simpson

O.J. Simpson children

O.J Simpson has five children.

Simpson had three children from his first marriage with Marguerite Whitley. His firstborn is Arnelle L. Simpson (1968), followed by Jason Lamar Simpson (1970), and Aaren Lashone Simpson (1977).

Aaren died after drowning in the family’s swimming pool.

O.J. had two more children, Justin Ryan Simpson (1988) and Sydney Brooke Simpson (1985), with his second wife, Nicole Brown.

O.J. Simpson controversy

O.J. Simpson was the name of the American household because of his football and acting career and the significant controversies he has been a part of.

Simpson’s fame took a dark turn after becoming involved in the following controversies, which were internationally publicized:

O.J. Simpson murder trial of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman

He was accused and tried in the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Both of the victims were murdered outside Brown’s residency in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles on June 12, 1994.

Brown and Goldman were both stabbed to death.

OJ Simpson freed of murder
O.J. Simpson was a prime suspect for Nicole Simpson’s murder

Freeway chase

He had not turned himself in for the murder of two.

On June 17, 1994, he became the subject of a freeway chase while riding as a passenger in a car driven by his long-time friend, Al Cowlings.

Even though the vehicle was at an acceptable speed, the pursuit, arrest, and trial of O.J Simpson were highly publicized in American history.

He was declared ‘not guilty’ for the murder.

Civil Lawsuit by Ron Goldman’s family

After Simpson was declared not guilty, Goldman’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Simpson. The case rested on January 16, 1997.  

On February 5, 1997, a civil jury in Santa Monica, California, found Simpson liable for the wrongful death and assault against Goldman.

Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldman family USD 33,500,000 in damages.

Also, in February 1999, his Heisman Trophy and other memorabilia were auctioned, and almost USD 500,000 went to Goldman’s family.

Assault and Burglary

Simpson got arrested in Miami- Dade County for assaulting and burglary of an occupied conveyance.

The case of him yanking the glasses off another motorist during a traffic dispute about three months ago was brought to light too.

However, he was tried and bailed of both charges in October 2001. 

Water Speeding

On July 4, 2002, Simpson got arrested in Miami- Dade County yet again for water speeding through a Manatee protection zone and failing to comply with boating regulations.

Simpson was fined for the speeding infraction only. 

Piracy Scandal

In March 2004, DirecTV, Inc – a satellite television network – accused O.J. Simpson of using illegal electronic devices to pirate its broadcast signals in a Miami federal court.

O.J. was found guilty and had to pay the company USD 25,000 plus $33,678 in attorney fees.

The Big Las Vegas Robbery

In September 2007, Simpson led a group of men into a bizarre robbery at the Palace Station Hotel- Casino, Las Vegas.

He wanted the sports memorabilia, which he said was stolen from him.  

Even though he held people at gunpoint, he lied about carrying a gun and breaking into the hotel room when asked by the policemen. 

He was arrested and held without bail.

Simpson and three other men were charged with multiple felony counts, including kidnapping, robbery, assault, criminal conspiracy, and using a deadly weapon.

After his three co-defendants snitched, O.J. was sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after nine years.

11 facts about the O.J Simpson murder case

1. O.J Simpson has not paid the $33.5 million he owes to the Goldman family

After O.J Simpson was not found guilty, Ron Goldman’s family took the case to civil court. The court decided that Goldmans would get $33.5 million from O.J; however, he has not paid a single penny to date.

2. He had trained in knife combat for a role before the murder

Nicole and Ron were stabbed to death. Surprisingly, O.J. has trained in knife combat while in his acting days. 

3. He wasn’t allowed to watch anything about the case in prison

O.J Simpson’s murder case was a burning issue back in the day. However, O.J Simpson and the other inmates were not allowed to watch any of the shows relating to the case such as, ‘O.J: Made in America’ and ‘The People vs. O.J Simpson: American Crime Story.

The reason was that it is risky to transmit information about an inmate with other inmates.

4. Simpson coached prison sports teams and umpired games

Before he was an actor or a criminal, he was a pro-football player for the Buffalo Bills. After being jailed, he spent time coaching prison sports and even umpiring behind home plate. 

5. He kept a photo of Nicole Brown in his cell

A former guard named Felix said that O.J Simpson kept a photo of him and his dead ex-wife in his cell room. However, no one has seen it to confirm it.

6. A serial killer named Glen Rogers confessed to the murders

No one has been convicted of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman; however, after O.J. was found “not guilty,” a serial killer named Glen Rogers became the prime subject of their death. 

In a documentary titled ‘My Brother the Serial Killer,’ Glen’s brother, Clay, said that his brother killed both of them.

He said that Nicole hired Glen to paint her house. He again said that O.J Simpson hired him to do the crime. However, the LAPD stated that they have no reason to believe that Glen Rogers was involved.

7. The man who heard Nicole’s dog wail is the ghostwriter of O.J.’s book ‘If I Did It.’

Pablo Fenjves is a screenwriter who happened to be living in Nicole’s neighborhood. He testified in the case and said that he had heard Nicole’s dog barking. The dog has bloody paws, and thus, the prosecution was built from this testimony. 

Pablo also co-wrote a book titled ‘If I Did It: The Confessions of the Killer,’ written by O.J Simpson.

8. The LAPD secured O.J.’s party after the murder trial verdict

O.J.’s major part of the case focused on racism in the LAPD. After he was sentenced to ‘not guilty,’ the LAPD had to cover his freedom party. 

LAPD secured the house from crowd control and protected the estate while they prepared for a party inside. 

The party had forty crates of champagne. 

9. O.J. threatened to kill himself in Khloe Kardashian’s room

In the Netflix drama series ‘The People vs. O.J Simpson’, O.J. can be seen threatening to kill himself in Kimberly Kardashian’s bedroom. However, in reality, it was in Khloe Kardashian’s room. 

Khloe Kardashian revealed this in an interview on The Late Late Show.

10. He confessed to the murders while he was in jail

O.J Simpson admitted that he killed Nicole and Ron to Rosey Grier while he was in jail.

Rosey testified to this as evidence of the case. However, the defense team nullified this evidence by claiming that Rosey was acting as his spiritual adviser.

11. The verdict of O.J Simpson murder trial was one of the most impactful T.V. moments in history

According to a survey conducted by Sony Electronics and Nielsen, O.J Simpson’s murder trial was one of the T.V. moments that significantly impacted viewers.

This case made it to number 3 of the most impactful T.V. moments in history

O.J. Simpson’s release

O.J Simpson got released on October 1, 2017, after serving for nine years.

He was granted parole after the Nevada Parole Board considered Simpson’s prior record of criminal convictions and proper behavior in prison.

O.J. Simpson lawyers

O.J Simpson’s team of lawyers who helped prove him innocent was known as the ‘Dream Team.’ It included Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, Johnnie Cochran, Carl Doughlas, Robert Kardashian, Shawn Chapman, Geral Uelman, Alan Dershowitz, Barry Scheck, William Thompson, Peter Neufeld, and Robert Blasier.

Attorney F. Lee Bailey was the main lawyer for O.J Simpson. Later, Johnnie Cochran became the defense team’s lead attorney.

net worth

Simpson currently has a net worth of USD 3 million. 

Before the trial, in 1994, he was worth USD 11 million. At that time, his career and fame were at their peak.

After his divorce settlement, child support, and paying Goldman’s family for damages, he lost half of his earnings. 

His current income comes from his pension money, which he receives from the NFL. He had also saved money while he was in prison.

He also receives USD 1700 per month from the Screen Actors Guild pension.

O.J. Simpson NFL pension

The exact amount of O.J Simpson’s NFL pension is unknown; however, NFL players who retire after 1998 get $5,640 a month.

According to the 2020 CBA Agreement, retired players’ pension amount was increased.

O.J. Simpson social media

O.J. Simpson is mostly active on Twitter as @TheRealOJ32 and has over 898.2K followers.

O.J. Simpson twitter account
O.J. Simpson twitter account

He also has a Facebook page by his name- O.J Simpson and has 3,980 followers, but he doesn’t seem to be active on there. 

O.J. Simpson now

Currently, O.J Simpson resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, since he was not welcome to stay in Florida with his family.

He occasionally hosts memorabilia autograph sessions for income. He has a tidy profit coming each month so that he doesn’t need to worry about being seized to pay the Goldman family.

He hosts sports commentary on Twitter and spends time playing golf.

He has settled into a more stable life, which allows him to see his kids while maintaining a good standing with Nevada Parole Officials.

With a rollercoaster of life like O.J. Simpsons, we can learn that we always have to be ready for whatever life throws us.

If you don’t want to lose what you have, better be safe than sorry. 


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