Who Is Oak Phakwa Hongyok, Poyd Treechada Husband? Kids And Family

Poyd Treechada Husband, Oak Phakwa Hongyok, supports and encourages her wholeheartedly.

Treechada Petcharat, also recognized by Poyd and Treechada Malayaporn, has earned recognition as a Thai actress and model, celebrated for her beauty and exceptional talent.

Poyd’s path as a transgender woman commenced with her undergoing gender-affirming surgery at the tender age of 17.

However, despite this transformation, she faced an internal struggle with her true identity.

Compelled to conceal her authentic self from her parents and conform to a male presentation, Poyd embarked on a challenging journey of self-discovery.

In her pursuit of education, Treechada Petcharat has demonstrated her commitment to personal growth and development.

Poyd completed her studies in the Faculty of Law at Assumption University, showcasing her intellectual prowess.

Treechada is still dedicated to her academic journey, working towards a molecular genetics and genetic engineering degree at Mahidol University.


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Meet Poyd Treechada Husband Oak Phakwa Hongyok

A trending topic of discussion within the community has recently emerged.

The curiosity regarding the marital status and husband of the renowned transgender actress, Poyd Treechada.

This discussion was further fueled when Poyd Treechada openly addressed her experiences as a transgender individual in the context of marriage during the Gender Fair event, thoughtfully organized by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

At 36, the accomplished model and actress entered a new chapter in her life by entering into matrimony with her beloved businessman, Phakwa Hongyok, affectionately known as Oak.

Poyd Husband
Poyd is in a marital union with Phakwa Hongyok, fondly called Oak. (Source: Instagram)

They celebrated their union with a traditional Peranakan ceremony in the scenic setting of Phuket in 2023.

This exclusive ceremony was an intimate gathering attended solely by close friends and beloved family members.

The venue chosen for this occasion was Baan Ar Jor, a distinguished heritage hotel, museum, and restaurant with special significance as it belongs to Oak’s family.

After their marriage, Poyd Treechada enthusiastically took to her Instagram platform to share the joyous news with her followers.

Along with the news was the picture of the couple all dressed up as bride and groom with a smile on their face.

Their social media provides us a glimpse of their profound affection and profoundly loving bond frequently shared with their adoring audience.

Oak Phakwa Hongyok and Poyd Treechada Kids And Family

With the public’s keen interest sparked by the revelation of Poyd and Oak’s marital bliss, inquiries regarding their prospective family plans have naturally arisen.

However, it’s important to note that the couple has only recently embarked on this journey of married life.

There appears to be no concrete information regarding their intentions to start a family immediately.

Poyd Kids
There is no definitive information about their immediate plans to begin a family. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, in today’s world, where various options exist for childbearing, the couple may opt for one.

Poyd often shares meaningful moments from her life with her dedicated followers on social media.

Given this perspective, it is reasonable to assume that if they embrace parenthood in the coming years, Poyd would share it with her audience.

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