Oakwood Collegiate Lockdown 2023: Student Found With Gun

The controversy surrounding Oakwood Collegiate Lockdown has made the headlines, apparently. Well, this is not the first time the institute topped the news chart.

Oakwood Collegiate Institute, a public high school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has captured the attention of people worldwide, with curiosity and interest continuing to grow.

Situated near the neighborhoods of Regal Heights, Oakwood-Vaughan, and Bracondale Hill, the school made headlines when the lockdown was lifted recently.

The question on everyone’s mind is, “Why was the school under lockdown?”

People are eager to uncover the details behind the lockdown and its aftermath.

The incident has piqued public interest, and as the story unfolds, individuals are seeking answers to erase their curiosity about what happened at Oakwood Collegiate Institute.

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Oakwood Collegiate Lockdown 2023: Student Found With Gun

In March 2023, Oakwood Collegiate Institute became the center of attention, overshadowing any other news, when it was placed under lockdown.

The downtown Toronto school was embroiled in a big controversy that led to the temporary closure of its premises.

Reports of a person with a gun on the property prompted this drastic action in the public school.

According to the Toronto Police, officers were dispatched to Jarvis Collegiate Institute near Jarvis and Wellesley Streets shortly after 1:30 p.m. in response to the reports.

The Toronto District School Board, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, deemed a lockdown as the necessary course of action to initiate a thorough investigation at Oakwood Collegiate Institute.

Oakwood Collegiate Lockdown
The Toronto District School Board made the lockdown action for investigations. (Source: Global News)

Although the police discovered no firearm, it was revealed that a student had claimed to possess a gun.

Thankfully, no one was harmed during the lockdown, ensuring the safety of the students, staff, and faculty.

Fortunately, the incident did not escalate further, and no charges were filed against any individual in connection with the incident.

However, the aftermath of the lockdown left the Oakwood Collegiate Institute community shaken and seeking answers.

The incident served as a reminder of the importance of school safety protocols and the need for ongoing vigilance to ensure the security of educational institutions.

The Oakwood Collegiate Lockdown of 2023 has sparked discussions again about school safety and the measures in place to protect students.

Oakwood Collegiate Institute Student Shot In 2019

It’s not the first time Oakwood Collegiate Institute made it into the controversial headlines.

In 2019, a student was shot and left seriously injured near the school premises.

According to the police, the incident involved two males, both of whom were armed with guns. After being shot, the victim ran into the school, where a vice principal provided first aid.

The paramedics transported the student to the hospital in serious condition.

The school was placed under hold-and-secure mode following the shooting, which was lifted about an hour later.

Oakwood Collegiate School shot
The school was placed under hold-and-secure mode following the shooting. (Source: iHeartRadio)

The incident shocked the school community and raised concerns about safety and security measures. It also highlighted the need for schools to prioritize the safety of their students, staff, and faculty.

However, the arrest and charges against the armed ones have been unclear, but one of them was described as a black male in his teens and dressed in dark clothing.

The Toronto District School Board spokesperson, Shari Schwartz-Maltz, stated that it sounded like some kind of a targeted incident.

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