Olivia Beltran Facebook Live Video Gone Viral: Murder Live Stream

Olivia Beltran Facebook Live Video: Tonantzyn Beltran captured frightening footage before and during the brutal attack on her mother.

On January 8, 2024, a truly frightening incident occurred in San Rafael, California.

Tonantzyn Oris Beltran, 28, is suspected of fatally stabbing her 55-year-old mother, Olivia Beltran Pacheco.

Tonantzyn live-streamed the attack on Facebook, creating great distress and fury among spectators. Beltran was captured shortly afterward and charged with her mother’s murder.

The community and authorities now face the formidable challenge of determining the motivations behind this atrocious conduct.

The inquiry is still underway, and it aims to shed light on the circumstances underlying Tonantzyn Beltran’s choice to kill her mother.

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Olivia Beltran Facebook Live Video Gone Viral on Reddit

Tonantzyn Beltran filmed a video before and during a fatal attack on her mother, Olivia, which is now being shared online.

Tonantzyn is shown on film holding a knife in the Santa Rosa Police Department lobby just hours before the terrible incident.

The footage suggests Tonantzyn was in a dangerous and crazy frame of mind before the deadly stabbing.

CBS News reports that Olivia Beltran was stabbed on January 8th. Around 5 p.m., San Rafael police arrived at Cresta Way following reports of a brawl and stabbing in the apartment complex.

Olivia Beltran Facebook Live Video
The tragic incident is that Olivia Beltran ultimately lost her life at the hands of her daughter, Tonantzyn Oris Beltran. (Source- NY Post)

When they arrived, they discovered the 55-year-old victim had been stabbed many times.

Tonantzyn Oris Beltran was discovered clutching a knife close to her mother on the balcony and accused of murder.

The terrifying tone of the film raises issues about Tonantzyn’s mental condition before the incident while also providing a terrible peek into the events that occurred on that tragic day.

The authorities are most likely looking at these details better to comprehend the circumstances behind Olivia Beltran’s horrific attack.

Olivia Beltran Murder Live Stream

In a heartbreaking and scary turn of events, 55-year-old Olivia Beltran Pacheco died in a horrific stabbing incident allegedly committed by her daughter, Tonantzyn Oris Beltran.

Surprisingly, the entire episode aired live on Facebook, adding unusual distress to an already disastrous scenario.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division confirmed the victim’s identification.

San Rafael police officers responded to allegations of a physical altercation and stabbing at an apartment on Cresta Way.

When they arrived at the scene, Tonantzyn Beltran was on a balcony, wielding a knife, and her mother, Olivia Beltran Pacheco, was severely injured.

Pacheco died as a result of her injuries despite quick first-aid treatment and hospitalization.

Tonantzyn Beltran had recorded the alleged stabbing and posted it live on Facebook, which made the case even more sad.

Tonantzyn Oris Beltran Trial And Charges Explained 

Following the unfortunate stabbing of her mother, Olivia Beltran Pacheco, 28-year-old Tonantzyn Oris Beltran was arrested and charged with murder, according to a press release released by the San Rafael Police Department.

Tonantzyn was not “readily responsive to officers’ commands and directions” throughout the arrest, which added to the difficulties of the situation.

The investigation revealed further data, including Tonantzyn’s recent arrests and charges, albeit the nature of these instances is unknown.

Tonantzyn Beltran
Tonantzyn Beltran was arrested and charged with murder. (Source- sportskeeda)

Authorities are thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding Tonantzyn’s previous interactions to acquire a complete grasp of his past and possible intentions.

The current investigation is aimed at determining the motive for the suspected stabbing of Olivia Beltran Pacheco as law enforcement pieces together Tonantzyn’s past and events leading up to the sad incident.

The complexity of the case is highlighted by the necessity to uncover the detailed circumstances of Tonantzyn’s actions.

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