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Olivia Pacino- Daughter of Al Pacino- Complete Biography with photos of lover

Who is Olivia Pacino?

Olivia Pacino is a 20 years old girl known as the youngest daughter of the iconic Hollywood stars, Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. 

There is a rumor that she wants to pursue a career in the same field as her parents. 

Want to know more about the star kid’s childhood, family, education, and love life? Read on to learn all of it.

Olivia Pacino with her father Al Pacino and brother Anton Pacino
Olivia Pacino with her father Al Pacino and brother Anton Pacino

Olivia Pacino quick facts

Full NameOlivia Pacino
BirthdateJanuary 25, 2001
Age20 years old
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsPositive: passionate, charming, and quirky

Negative: Overly emotional, hot-tempered, and inability to compromise
Currently residingLos Angeles, California, U.S.A
EducationGraduated from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile
ParentsAl Pacino (father)

Beverly D’Angelo (mother)
SiblingsAnton Pacino
Marital Statusunmarried
BoyfriendRyan Harley
Net Worth$1 million (estimated)
Social MediaInstagram



Olivia Pacino interesting facts

1. Olivia is a star kid

Olivia Pacino is famously known as the daughter of Hollywood icons Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. 

Her parents were in a live-in relationship for over six years and separated shortly after they were born. 

2. Olivia Pacino has a twin brother

She has a twin brother named Anton Pacino. Both of them had a normal childhood away from the media’s eyes.

3. Olivia Pacino has a learning disability

Olivia struggled to study in traditional schools as she had a learning disability. However, she went to Fusion Academy Miracle Mile and graduated with flying colors.

4. She has been in a relationship for more than three years

Olivia Pacino has been dating her boyfriend, Ryan Harley, for more than three years now. 

They both look loved up in each other’s Instagram posts. 

Olivia Pacino childhood

Born on January 21, 2001, Olivia Pacino is the daughter of actors Alfredo James Pacino, popularly known as Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo.

Olivia also has a twin brother named Anton James Pacino.

Olivia had a normal childhood away from the media’s eyes, all thanks to their parent’s decision to keep their children’s life private until they come of age.

Even though her parents divorced, they did an outstanding job at co-parenting.

Who is Olivia Pacino’s dad Al Pacino?

Al Pacino is one of the most iconic actors of all time. He has appeared in over 60 movies and is best known for films like Scarface and The Godfather.

The one-time Academy Award winner is a legendary star of Hollywood who has had a very successful career and is still in the business.

He has never been married and is considered Hollywood’s lifelong bachelor. He has dated several women throughout the years but is still single due to his recent breakup with his Israeli girlfriend, actress Meital Dohan.

Meital dumped Al due to their vast age gap.

Despite it, Al has a beautiful family. He has three kids with his two beautiful ex-partners.
He shares his first child Julie Marie Pacino with his ex-partner Jan Tarrant, a former acting coach. She is a producer, director, and writer best known for the movie Nowhere To Go.

His other two kids, Olivia Pacino and Anton James Pacino were born on Jan 25, 2003. They are 19 years old. He shares the twins with his other ex-partner Beverly D’ Angelo.

Who is Olivia Pacino’s mother?

Beverly is an actress who has appeared in more than 60 movies and is best known for the National Lampoons Vacations Films, 2001.

They were in a live-in relationship for over six years. Even though separated, for unknown reasons, the pair decided to co-parent the twins.

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Olivia Rose Pacino personal life

Her parents never tied a knot, and she spent her childhood living in two homes; her mother’s house and father’s home.

Al Pacino is a single parent looking after all his kids and is very fond of them.

Olivia, also known as Liv, is an Aquarius and lives with her mother in a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills, California. She has a pet dog named Athena.

Olivia Pacino parents Al Pacino and Beverly D Angelo together
Olivia Pacino parents Al Pacino and Beverly D Angelo, together

Like all Pacino kids, she was also kept away from the media and paparazzi. Her parents wanted them to grow as a “normal child.” They went to great lengths to keep them away from the internet, which is why there is not much information about her or the other siblings.

She is a proud daughter who loves praising her father for his success on Instagram.

She is very close to her father and is often seen in events with him. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.

“Such a gentleman, helping me out throughout the ceremony.” Her caption is enough to prove that her relationship with her father is lovely and healthy.

She looked gorgeous in her Valdrin Sahati dress. Olivia attended the event alongside her half-sister. She has attended several other events throughout the years and enjoys walking the red carpet in her beautiful designer clothes.

In an interview with Herby Moreau, Al mentions that Olivia is “about her,” implying that she is a very straightforward, kinda girl. He also reveals that she has appeared in some scenes in the 2015 movie, Danny Collins.

Al also opened up about his kids and said, “She (Olivia) is an actor, my oldest daughter (Julie Marie) is a filmmaker, and my son looks like that’s where he’s going too.” He is very proud of all his children, why wouldn’t he? All his kids are already setting their foot into the industry and heading towards a great future.

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Olivia Pacino dating Ryan Harley

Olivia is very public about her love life and her relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Harley.

They both seem to be smitten with each other as they waste no opportunity to show off their love for each other on Instagram.

The pair posts photos of their adorable moments together quite often, and we can see that they are very serious about each other.

Talking about how these lovebirds met, she shared the whole story on her Instagram IGTV video, where she revealed that they met online through an online dating app- OkCupid.

Olivia shared that she lives in two homes: her mom’s house and her dad’s house.

In the video, Olivia opened up about how she had to make her parents trust Ryan.”It took everyone in my family a few months to get used to him and to trust him.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Olivia ✯ (@olivia.pacino)

In the same video, Ryan mentioned that he’s dating the legendary actor Al Pacino’s daughter has still not “hit” him, but he feels happy to be a part of the family.

Talking about the love of her life, Ryan is an aspiring rapper and a musician. You can find his work at https://nonamemadeit.beatstars.com/. On their anniversary, he gave his beautiful girlfriend a promise ring, and they promised to love each other forever.

She shared photos of their cute moment on Instagram, and she looked ecstatic wearing her new ring.

We might see the pair as husband and wife in the future, which we can’t wait for.

Olivia Pacino education and learning disability

She graduated high school in 2019 from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile, a revolutionary private school with a different approach to education.

This academy provided over 250 courses to students who struggled in traditional schools. It has a one-to-one approach to teaching students in Los Angeles.

In a graduation video posted by her school, she has opened up about her difficulties in studying and how Fusion Academy changed her “I don’t know” attitude into “I do know.”

“It’s such an honor to stand here today because if you asked her three years ago, I probably would say I wouldn’t be here.” She said in her graduation speech.

She and her mother, Beverly, appeared in the video and seemed quite emotional when they talk about Olivia’s journey and how she has successfully overcome her struggles with studies.

Olivia Pacino passion and career

She is a passionate photographer and an aspiring actor. She is following in her father’s footsteps as she has gotten into acting.

Olivia Pacino is a part of an Amazon Prime Video series ‘Hunters’ aired on Feb 21, 2020. The series is already doing well.

People are surprised and happy to see Al Pacino is on a TV series for the first time. Being a part of such a show will help her for her future in the industry.

The future looks bright for her so far.

Youtube Debut

Olivia Pacino has made her debut on Youtube recently, and her channel has already gained a lot of followers in a short time. In her first video, she shares her playlist and talks about some songs that she loves.
Some of the songs that she mentions in the video are:

Other than that, she has also posted a video with her boyfriend, where he does her makeup. It’ a classic “Boyfriend does my makeup video,” which is very entertaining to watch.

Her Youtube fanbase is full of fans of her father, and they love watching their favorite actor’s daughter putting up videos on her channel as she is equally fun and entertaining.

That’s pretty much it about her youtube channel at the moment. She has not posted any other video today, but we look forward to seeing what other content she has to offer.

Olivia Pacino controversy

Olivia is still young and hasn’t made any controversies. However, she is related to some of the discussions regarding her family.

The first controversy was regarding the custody battle between her parents.

Her parents, Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo were in a relationship from 1996 to 2003. Al Pacino convinced Beverly to have children, even when she was already 49 years old. After she gave birth, the couple separated and so started the ugly custody battle.

Beverly made serious allegations about how Pacino was controlling and had never changed a single diaper. Al would defend her accusations by stating that Beverly continued to use the kids in a way that makes them hostages. 

Finally, Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo decided to co-parent the twins. 

Another controversy relating to her family is the arrest of her half-sister, Julie, back in 2011. 

Julie was arrested for drinking and driving and was caught at a West Houston Street police checkpoint. She was charged with D.W.I.

Olivia Pacino social media

Olivia was not on any social media platform before she turned 18. But now, she is highly active on Instagram and Tiktok.

She loves going to concerts with her friends and posing with celebrities.

You can see that Olivia Pacino is a fun-loving and outgoing teen through her social media accounts. She loves music and hanging out with her pals.

Her social life is really fun and happening.

Olivia Pacino Instagram

You can find her on Instagram at @olivia.pacino

Her first Instagram post was made on Aug 17, 2019. Right now, she has almost 14k followers.

Snapshot of Olivia Pacino's Instagram account

Her first Instagram post was a selfie with the famous singer Drake at a concert.

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Olivia Pacino TikTok

There is a TikTok account under her name @oliviapacino

However, she has not posted any videos.

Olivia’s net worth

Being a star kid and an actor like Al Pacino, Olivia Pacino lives a very lavish life in Beverly Hills.

It might be pointless to talk about the net worth of a recent high school graduate who has her whole career in front of her.

Olivia’s net worth is estimated to be around $100k- $1 million.

Al Pacino, now 80, has worked in Hollywood for nearly six decades, and that kind of work does make up for huge net worth.

He has been in some of the top-rated movies of all time like- The GodFather, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, Dog Day Afternoon, The Insider, Insomnia, and the list goes on.

Al’s successful and long career has given him a staggering net worth of $120 million as of 2020.

Likewise, the mother, Beverly D’ Angelo, is also a very successful actress. She has had a long successful career. As of 2020, Beverly’s net worth stands at the figure of an estimated $42 million.

It’s clear that she has an impressive lifestyle and has a great future ahead with such supportive and wealthy parents having her back.

We offer her our best wishes. And we hope she has an impressive career like her parents.

Olivia Pacino F.A.Q.s

1. Who did Al Pacino have a daughter with?

Al Pacino, despite being a bachelor, is a father to three kids. He has two daughters. The eldest daughter is Julie Marie Pacino, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant. 

The youngest daughter is Olivia Pacino, whom he shares with actress and ex-girlfriend Beverly D’Angelo. He also has a son named Anton James Pacino.

2. Does Olivia Pacino have special needs?

Olivia Pacino has a learning disability and struggled to catch up with other students in traditional schools. She felt like she didn’t know anything and felt like a competition with her twin brother, Anton, in terms of marks until she joined Fusion Academy Miracle Mile. 

3. Who are Beverly D Angelo’s children?

Beverly D Angelo is the mother of a twin daughter and son named Olivia and Anton. She gave birth to them while she was 49 years old. 

4. What does Olivia Pacino do for a living?

Olivia Pacino recently graduated. According to her father, Al Pacino, she is an aspiring actress. 

Nevertheless, she doesn’t need to do anything to live as she is from a wealthy family.