Omri Katz- The Hocus Pocus star was high during the shoot

Who is Omri Haim Katz?

Omri Katz is an American actor best known for his roles in the hit television shows Dallas (1978) and Eerie Indiana (1991). The actor starred in Matinee, Adventures in Dinosaur City, Disney’s Halloween comedy-fantasy film Hocus Pocus, and the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas as John Ross Ewing III.

He’s had been on several T.V. shows as a guest star. After acting for almost 40 years, he announced his retirement from the big screen in 2002 with a short film.

Since Hocus Pocus premiered in 1993, it has remained one of the most popular Halloween films. A flurry of activity surrounded the film, from costumes to village tours. Omri Katz portrayed Max Dennison in the movie Hocus Pocus.

In addition to his acting career, Omri is currently a hairdresser in an elite salon.

Omri Katz Biography
Omri Katz Biography

Quick facts

Full nameOmri Haim Katz
NicknameOmri Katz
Birthday May 30, 1976
Age47 years old
Sun sign Gemini
TraitsPositive: Adaptable, loyal, honest, and outspoken
Negative: Inconsistent, overly anxious, and judgemental
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Currently residingLos Angeles, California, U.S.A.
ParentsYoram Katz,
Rina Katz
SiblingsMichael Katz,
Lali Katz
Marital statusSingle
Ex-girlfriendDanielle Harris
GirlfriendMichele Walters
ControversyHe quit acting to follow his passion for hairdressing
Net worthLess than USD 1 million
Social mediaInstagram
HobbyPlaying the drums, walking on the beach, and surfing. Besides, he is a pet lover and has two dogs.

Interesting Facts

1. Omri Katz’s debut movie is not Hocus Pocus

Omri Katz is renowned for his role in Hocus Pocus as Max Dennison, but it is not his first movie. 

He began his acting career when he was just seven years old. He played the role of John Ross Ewing III in the television series “Dallas.” This show also got a lot of popularity, and he even won an award.

2. Omri is not just an actor

Omri retired from acting in 2002 and went on to pursue his other hobbies. As a result, he is now a hairdresser in a high-end salon.

He also owns a cannabis company called “The Mary Danksters.”

3. Omri Katz is still unmarried

Omri Katz, now 47 years old, is still unmarried. His dating life is confidential. The last person he dated publicly was the Hollywood actress Danielle Harris. 

People even speculated that he was gay. However, he published an Instagram post recently denoting that he is the luckiest man on earth. The post included his now girlfriend, Michele Walters.  


Omri Katz

Omri Haim Katz was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 30, 1976, to Rina and Yoram Katz. His parents are Israeli-Jewish immigrants. Omri even stayed for a year in his childhood.

His name Omri means “sheaf of grain,” whereas his surname, Katz means” descendant of a priest.”

In Isreal, he grew up with his parents and siblings. Though he hasn’t revealed anything about his parents, he has two siblings: Michael, his older brother, and Lali, his older sister.

Larry Hagman, who passed away recently, was his acting coach.

When he was only seven years old, legendary actor/director Larry Hagman took him under his wing and guided him throughout his career. Katz is most thankful to his best buddy and acting mentor.

Larry had a significant influence on him as an actor.

Relationship status: Is Omri Katz gay?

Omri was a guy who kept his life personal. However, several rumors were floating around that he was previously involved in a relationship with Halloween actress Danielle Harris. The two started dating in 1991; however, the relationship ended in 1992. 

However, he remained tight-lipped about how and where they met, as well as their dating relationship. Like others in Hollywood, Omri and Danielle’s romance lasted only a few months before they split.

His ex-girlfriend moved on with her life after the breakup. She is now married to David Gross, with whom she has two children.

Fans are now speculating that Omri is gay, which could explain why he broke up with Danielle.

The actor, however, is believed to be heterosexual. He was more concerned with his professional life than with his personal life.

But recently, On February 15, one day after Valentine’s Day, he published a post. In his description, he stated that he is the luckiest man on earth and loves her.

The girl alleged to be his girlfriend is Michele Walters. They seemed to be kissing in the photo and having a romantic time. Michele Watters is in a relationship with him. The couple resides in Los Angeles. Katz owns and operates a cannabis company, The Mary Danksters.

Career and professional life

Omri Katz began his acting career when he was seven years old, playing John Ross Ewing III in the soap opera “Dallas.” The actor starred in 149 episodes and has since gained a lot of popularity.

The story follows the life of oil baron J.R. Ewing and his unethical techniques of attaining power. Katz appeared as the main character in the show’s 13th season. In 1991, he served as the show’s host until its cancellation.

He even received the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Youth Actor in a Prime-Time Soap Opera for his performance.

Following his breakout role in Dallas, Omri went on to act in several T.V. shows and films. Additionally, he appeared on the TV sitcom Simon & Simon Boy as a guest star.

Katz, a retired actor, has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. Despite his young age, he began acting in movies as a child. The 43-year-old actor is now taking a vacation from acting to focus on his other endeavors.

Katz played Marshall Teller, a leading character, in the NBC sitcom “Eerie, Indiana” in 1991.

Despite ending after one season, the show became a hit and spawned a spin-off. For this portrayal, Katz was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a T.V. Series.

Young Omri Katz

Despite the show’s original success and Katz’s lauded performances, the sequel did not involve him. However, later that year, he played Jack Adams in the ‘Zorro’ episode ‘The Man Who Cried, Wolf.’

He also played Timmy in the 1991 television movie “Adventures in Dinosaur City.” In the episode “Double Date” of the sitcom “The Torkelsons,” he played Jason. His debut film was the 1993 comedy-drama “Matinee.”

A year later, Katz released his famous film, “Hocus Pocus.” Kenny Ortega directed the American comedy fantasy, which starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. Despite the initial disappointment and negative reviews upon its initial release, the picture gained popularity after being broadcast on television and developed a cult following. Katz was also nominated for Young Artist Award.

Later the same year, in 1993, he was cast as Tony Hemingway in the sitcom “The John Larroquette Show.” He had a recurrent role on the show but only appeared in six episodes till 1995. After that, he returned to the part of J. R. in the 1996 T.V. movie version of ‘Dallas,’ titled ‘Dallas: J. R. Returns.’

Katz disappeared for a while as he did not get the roles of his choice, despite an early break and a good career as a young actor. As a result, his gaps between projects grew longer.

In 1999, he appeared as Brad in the episode “Tests and Breasts” of the popular series “Freaks and Geeks.” Since then, his other major TV appearance was in 2000 as a tattoo artist on the long-running series “General Hospital.”

In 2002, he played the lead in the short film “Journey into Night.” In the same year, he declared his retirement from acting and wanted to pursue other hobbies.

Currently, he works as a hairdresser in a high-end salon.

Omri Katz’s filmography

1983–1991TV SeriesDallasJohn Ross Ewing IIISoap Opera Digest Awards– Outstanding Youth Actor in Prime Time Soap Opera(1978)

Young Artist Awards– Best Young Actor Starring in a Television Series (Nominee) (1978)

Young Artist Awards– Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in a Long-Running Series Comedy or Drama (Nominee) (1978)

Young Artist Awards – Best Young Actor in a Daytime or Nighttime Television Series (Nominee) (1978)
1984TV Series Simon & SimonBoy
1991–1992TV Series Eerie, IndianaMarshall TellerYoung Artist Awards– Best Young Actor Starring in a Television Series (Nominee) (1991)
1991TV Series ZorroJack Adams
 TV Series Adventures in Dinosaur CityTimmy
1992TV Series The TorkelsonsJason
1993TV Series MatineeStan
  1993 TV Series Hocus PocusMax DennisonYoung Artist Awards– Best Youth Actor Leading Role in a Motion Picture Comedy (Nominee) (1994)
1993–1995TV Series The John Larroquette ShowTony Hemingway
1996TV Series Dallas: J.R. ReturnsJohn Ross Ewing III
1999TV Series Freaks and GeeksBrad
2000TV Series General HospitalTattoo Artist
2002TV Series Journey Into NightSean


While some actors have progressed through the ranks and achieved superstardom, others have gone off the radar, abandoning the glitz and glamour of the silver screen to follow other ambitions, such as Omri Katz, who quit acting to follow his passion for hairdressing.

net worth

Before quitting the entertainment industry, he played few significant roles, thus earning a good amount from his career. 

Omri Katz has a net worth of USD 2 million, which he has amassed from acting and other activities. His current job is as a hairstylist in Los Angeles.

According to, a hairdresser’s typical annual compensation in the United States is between USD 25k and USD 30k. However, the Hocus Pocus star has yet to reveal how much money he makes from his acting profession.

Omri Katz now

Omri Katz has maintained a modest profile. He didn’t discuss his personal life and only occasionally appeared in the media. He retired after 40 years in the acting industry. And now, he is a hairdresser at a lavish hair salon and owns a cannabis company. 

Katz lives with his girlfriend, Michele Walters, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Does he use social media?

As a retired actor, Katz lives away from the spotlight. As a result, his social media presence did not include Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

He enjoys playing the drums, going on the beach, and surfing in his spare time. He also has two dogs and is a pet enthusiast. But, on the contrary, he was recently photographed reconnecting with the actors of Hocus Pocus in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film.

Later, after many years, he joined social media sites such as Instagram (@dankster_omz), where he has 8359 followers, 215 followers, and 52 posts.

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A post shared by Omri Katz (@dankster_omz)

Quotes from Omri Katz Character

Some of the best quotes from Omri Katz’s character as Max on Hocus Pocus are as follows:

You’ve messed with the great and powerful Max! Now you must suffer the consequences! I’m going to summon the burning rain of death!

Fine, but everyone here knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies. It’s a conspiracy.


How old was Omri Katz when he was in Hocus Pocus?

Omri Katz was only 17 years old when he played the role of Max Dennison in Hocus Pocus. He went on to play in various other shows such as “Freaks and Geeks,” “General Hospital,” and “The John Larroquette Show.” However, his role in Hocus Pocus remains the most prominent.

What does Omri Katz do now?

Omri Katz retired after 40 years in the acting industry. He is now a hairdresser at a lavish hair salon and owns a cannabis company. 

Is Omri Katz married?

No, Omri Katz is still a bachelor. However, he is dating a woman by the name of Michele Walters.

Is Omri Katz gay?

After his brief relationship with Danielle, there was no news about who the Hocus Pocus actor Omri was dating. Fans even started speculating if he might be gay. 

Where does Omri Katz live?

Omri Katz lives with his girlfriend, Michele Walters, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He works at a hair salon and even operates a cannabis company.

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