Once Upon a Time in Mexico Movie Description

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico is a Hollywood neo-western action film starring Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, and Salma Hayak.

Antonio Banderas plays El Mariachi, while Johnny Depp plays Shelden Jeffrey Sands, a CIA agent. Additionally, Salma Hayak played the role of Carolina.

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CIA officer Shelden Jeffrey Sands enlist El Mariachi to murder General Emiliano Marques, an army general working for drug lord Armando Barillo who wants to take control of Culiacan (capital city of Sinaloa), where he plans to assassinate President Felipe Calderón and topple his administration.

Poster of Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Poster of Once Upon a Time in Mexico

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had ordered the execution of El Mariachi’s family. As a result, El Mariachi lost his wife Carolina and his daughter. To get rid of Barillo once and for all, Sands convinces retired FBI agent Jorge Ramirez to return from retirement and assassinate him. Barillo had killed Archuleta, former partner of Jorge, earlier.

In addition, an AFN operative named Ajedrez is assigned to follow Barillo.

As Ramirez monitors Barillo’s activities, he encounters Billy Chambers, an American fugitive who’s been living under Barillo’s protection but can no longer take the horrific tasks he’s been assigned for him.

Ramirez convinces Chambers that he will provide him protection if Chambers tags his pet chihuahua with a hidden microphone so that he can get closer to Barillo and surrenders to the U.S. authorities after Barillo has been captured.

Sands hires Cucuy to watch over El Mariachi, but he turns him over to Barillo and offers to disclose Sand’s plan. Despite this, Cucuy is promptly killed by Chambers, whereas El Mariachi escapes from captivity and calls on Lorenzo and Fideo to aid him in his quest.

Ramirez notices armed men storming a building while monitoring Barillo’s activity outside a hospital. After discovering that a group of doctors had been gunned down and Barilla had bled to death as the result of a botched facial reconstruction, Ramirez realized that the body lying on the operating table was a body double before he was knocked unconscious and taken away by the real Barillos and Ajedrez, whom she revealed to be her father’s wife.

Sands realizes that his mission has been compromised but is too late, as he is captured by Barillo and Ajedrez — who drill out his eyes before sending him out. With the help of a chicle boy, he shoots down a hitman pursuing him despite his blindness.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Photo

During the President’s visit on the eve of the Day of the Dead, Marquez and his army storm into the presidential palace. Despite their best efforts, Marquez’s troops encounter opposition from both the President’s bodyguards and the people of Culiacan and the mariachi.

Despite Sands’ instruction to allow the President to be killed before attacking Marquez, the Mariachis decide to intervene and protect him. As he entered the presidential palace, Marquez confronted El Mariachi, who shot out both knees before shooting him dead with a headshot.

Ramirez, who had been held captive, was set free with the help of Chambers; however, he now faces Barillo. After Barillo kills Chambers, Ramirez and El Mariachi shoot the drug lord. Finally, the sadistic Ajedrez is shot dead by Sands outside the presidential palace. 

Johnny Depp as Sands in Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Johnny Depp as Sands in Once Upon a Time in Mexico

In the end, Lorenzo and Fideo overcome Barillo’s money which he used for paying Marquez and saving the President from the coup attempt. Furthermore, Ramirez says goodbye to Sands after, having avenged her murder. A few moments later, El Mariachi walks into the sunset, leaving his share of the cash for his home village.

El MariachiAntonio Banderas
CarolinaSalma Hayek
SandsJohnny Depp
BarilloWillem Dafoe
BillyMickey Rourke
AjedrezEva Mendes
CucuyDanny Trejo
LorenzoEnrique Iglesias
FideoMarco Leonardi
BeliniCheech Marin
Jorge FBIRubén Blades
MarquezGerardo Vigil
El PresidentePedro Armendáriz Jr
Director, writer, producer, and editor Robert Rodriguez

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