Oon Jin Teik Wife Emily: Sons Brandon, Alexander And Christopher

Recently, followers and admirers have expressed an interest in learning more about Oon Jin Teik Wife Emily, and their kids.

Oon Jin Teik is a Singaporean freestyle and breaststroke swimmer who was born on March 27, 1963.

Oon Jin Teik, senior ACSian, was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Sports Council (SSC).

He was voted Sportsboy of the Year in 1980 and has represented Singapore at multiple international events, including the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1986 and the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984.

Jin Teik was also a 2nd Violinist with the Singapore Philharmonic Orchestra and a 1st Violinist with the Singapore Schools’ National Orchestra.

Similarly, Teik, an easygoing and modest man, is grateful for the ACS education that helped mold his life. 

He is an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Furthermore, he earned a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA with a concentration in General Management.

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Oon Jin Teik Wife Emily: Sons Brandon, Alexander, And Christopher

Oon Jin Teik’s personal life has been called into question. As our title suggests, the professional athlete’s wife is Emily, and their sons are Brandon, Alexander, And Christopher.

However, no information regarding their personality traits, such as ages or other information, is known.

Jin Teik, being a very private individual, exposes virtually little about their personal life.

According to some sources, Oon Jin mentioned in an interview that his wife, Emily, is the strong base of their happy family.

Furthermore, Teik’s life choices and work successes are most certainly influenced by her constant presence.

Oon Jin Teik Wife
Oon Jin Teik’s wife and kids’ detailed information is not available at the moment. (Source: BlueSkies)

Additionally, the Singaporean freestyler has three children, images of whom can be viewed on social media handles.

Similarly, as mentioned above his kid’s names are Brandon, Alexander, And Christopher.

His aim is to introduce his kids to as many sports and artistic activities as possible, as long as they appreciate and have fun doing them.

Aside from these things, practically little is known about Oon Jin Teik’s wife Emily.

Her lack of public awareness is most likely due to her desire to live a concealed and low-profile life.

In comparison, her choices must be accepted and not interfered with.

Oon Jin Teik as an olympian swimmer

Oon Jin Teik’s parents had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they started swimming at a young age.

Their goal was straightforward to keep him healthy.

They had no idea that this seemingly insignificant decision would pave the way for a fantastic adventure in the world of competitive swimming.

As a young student, Oon had the honor of studying the fundamentals of swimming from none other than Neo Chwee Kok, a well-known former Singapore Olympian.

Oon Jin Teik Wife
Oon Jin Teik is a former swimmer who represented Singapore in the Olympic games. (Source: Asiaone)

The watershed moment came in 1973 when he found himself on the international stage as a young Primary 4 student at the 4th Asian Age Group Championships in Bangkok.

Strangely, anxiety avoided him and he was too preoccupied with the occasion’s thrill.

Surprisingly, Oon Jin Teik won a pair of bronze medals, kicking off his international medal haul.

Moreover, he thought representing his country is his goal and dreamed of participating in various global events.

Similarly, Oon Jin Teik represented Singapore in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and in  Commonwealth Games in 1986.

His pool accomplishments were the result of hard effort, tenacity, and outstanding mentoring, rather than intrinsic talent.

Furthermore. Oon Jin’s swimming journey was undoubtedly impacted by exceptional mentors. Mr. Neo Chwee Kok of ACS, Mr. Wee Moh Nam of ACJC, the late Mr. Kee Soon Bee, and Mr. Lenn Wei Ling of ACS all left an unforgettable impression on his growth. 

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