Ott DeFoe Wife Jennie DeFoe: Wedding And Children

Who is Ott DeFoe Wife? The fans of the professional fisherman, Arthur F. DeFoe are now wondering about his profound love life.

Arthur is a household name in the Bass Fisherman world. At the age of 38, Ott has ascended to a well-established level in the sport.

He garnered his spotlight mainly after winning the 2019 Bassmaster Classic with a weight of 49lbs -3oz.

However, his romantic life has intrigued many fans who are eager to know about a little-known side of his life.

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Ott DeFoe Wife Jennie: Married Life

Ott DeFoe, apart from being in love with fishing is in love with a lady. The lady is no other than his teenage love, Jennie who he shares a lovely romantic life with.

Through their social media handles it is clear that they are in a happy marriage consisting of ever-lasting love and charisma to match each other.

Thanks to Jennie, he gets to enjoy his off time as a pro angler. 

Ott DeFoe Wife
Ott’s wife loves fishing with her husband in her off-time. (Source: Instagram)

With an undeniable certainty, the two are deeply in love. They are seen frequently on each other’s social media handles. Even after a long time since they first fell in love, they still never fail to appreciate each other.

Moreover, Ott once took Jennie for dinner as a date, just like the old times when they first started to see each other. This hints at Mr. Defoe’s love and commitment to his loving wife, Jennie, despite being married for almost two decades.

However, it is hard for the public to know more about Jennie’s life including her profession and hobbies, mainly due to her private Instagram account.

For now, the only source to get to know Mrs. Defoe is Ott’s Instagram. 

Ott DeFoe Wedding Ceremony

Widely known for the fishing sport, DeFoe caught the attention of many when he married his love at a grand wedding.

The two exchanged vows on August 8, 2004. Having said that, they will celebrate their 19 years of togetherness next month.

On the occasion of the couple’s 18 years marriage anniversary, Ott posted a lovely picture of them in a wedding dress.

Ott DeFoe Wife
Ott shared a blurry yet treasured glimpse of their wedding day, encapsulating the beauty found in imperfect moments. (Source: Instagram)

The pictures, when posted on the internet attracted many netizens and were admired by their followers.

Furthermore, Defoe often speaks fondly of his wife and her impact on his life both on and off the water.

While Ott DeFoe’s wife may not be famous or in the public eye, her support behind the scenes is no doubt a valuable component of his success as a professional fisherman.

Ott DeFoe Children – Three Kids with Jennie

Jennie and Ott share their residence with three kids; Abbie, Parker, and Elizabeth.

Moreover, Parker and Elizabeth are twins. Elizabeth’s nickname is Lizzie. 

The twins were born on the 5th of May, 2010 whereas their elder sister, Abbie was born a day later but 6 years prior to the twins. 

Ott DeFoe Wife and children
The DeFoe family’s Thanksgiving included a little fishing, a little football, and a lot of food. (Source: Instagram)

She is currently 16 years old. She was born on May 6, 2007.

The DeFoe family currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Otis is not just a talented fisherman but also a devoted father who loves to share his family life with fans on Instagram.

With every post, he exudes the warmth and gratitude that he feels for his family of four. Similarly, his family also have been his constant source of inspiration and support throughout his career.

Aside from that, the Tennessee native competes in the Bassmaster Elite Series and has won multiple tournaments throughout his career. 

Through numerous talk shows and interviews, it’s clear that Defoe is a family man who credits his wife and children for being a source of his motivation throughout his career.

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