Paige Hurd Boyfriend Age Wiki And Family Ethnicity

Paige Hurd boyfriend, Maurice Harkless, is a significant presence in her life, providing support and companionship in her journey.
Paige Audrey-Marie Hurd, born on July 20, 1992, is a talented American actress of mixed African American and Puerto Rican heritage.
She gained recognition for her recurring role as Tasha Clarkson in the popular CW sitcom; Everybody Hates Chris.
Hurd showcased her acting skills in the 2005 comedy film Beauty Shop, where she shared the screen with Queen Latifah.
Throughout her career, Hurd has also made notable appearances in music videos, including “I Own This” by Jasmine Villegas, “Beautiful” by Steph Jones and Justin Bieber’s love interest in the music video for “Never Let You Go.”
Since 2020, Hurd has taken on a prominent role as Lauren Baldwin in the television series Power Book II: Ghost, a sequel and spinoff to the original show, Power. 
 Her future in acting is promising, as she continues to leave a lasting impression with her performances.

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Paige Hurd Boyfriend Age And Wiki

As of 2023, Paige Hurd is in a relationship with Maurice Harkless, a highly talented professional basketball player.

Born on May 11, 1993, Maurice is currently 30 years old.

He has made significant contributions to the game since his debut in 2012 and is widely recognized as one of the brightest stars in basketball.

Paige Hurd boyfriend 1
Paige Hurd is in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend and a professional basketball player, Maurice Harkless. (Image Source: Instagram)

Throughout their relationship, Paige has been a devoted and supportive partner, standing by Maurice’s side as he has achieved success in his career.

Maurice deeply values Paige’s love and support; together, they have navigated life’s challenges with resilience and determination.

Their bond has remained strong amidst the highs and lows they have encountered.

Paige Hurd’s boyfriend, Maurice Harkless, continues to make his mark in the basketball world, while Paige remains a dependable source of love and encouragement.

Paige Hurd Dating History

Paige Hurd had a notable dating history before entering into a relationship with Maurice Harkless.

Her past romantic relationships include Cortez Bryant (2012-2013), Tequan Richmond (2011-2013), Lil Twist (2010-2012), and Steph Jones (2010).

Also, Justin Combs (2010-2011), Vercy Miller (2010), Corde Broadus (2009-2010), and Pj Scott (2007-2009). Throughout the years, Paige has attracted the attention of various suitors.

Paige Hurd Dating History
Paige Hurd had been in several notable relationships earlier. (Image Source: Instagram)

Her dating history reflects her connections with individuals from different backgrounds, including fellow actors, musicians, and sports personalities.

While each relationship had its duration and dynamics, it is evident that Paige has experienced several significant connections throughout her romantic journey.

Paige Hurd’s dating history provides insight into her past relationships and diverse experiences before finding love with Maurice Harkless.

Paige Hurd Family and Ethnicity

Paige Hurd, born in Dallas, Texas, comes from a diverse family background.

Her father is of African American descent, while her mother, Cheryl Martin, is of Puerto Rican heritage and works as a talent manager and CEO of CMA Entertainment, representing actors.

On Instagram, Paige often shares photos of her loved ones, including the late rapper DMX, with whom she starred as his daughter in “Cradle 2 the Grave.”

Paige Hurd father
Paige Hurd with her godfather, late rapper DMX. (Image Source: Instagram)

In a heartfelt Instagram post from December 2019, Paige revealed that DMX and his wife, Tashera Simmons, had embraced her as their beloved godchild.

They even had matching tattoos, showcasing the strong bond they shared. However, Paige clarified that while they played a significant role in her life, they were not her birth parents.

Paige Hurd’s family and ethnicity reflect her multicultural heritage, with African American and Puerto Rican roots shaping her identity.

Her relationships with her loved ones, both biological and chosen, have played an essential role in her life and career.

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