Paul Thijssen Suicide: Has Lilie James Killer Commit Murder-Suicide?

One of the chilling murder scenes in the gym bathroom of St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney’s CBD has left everyone speechless. Did the suspected killer, Paul Thijssen suicide?

The chilling headlines have sent shockwaves through the community as the harrowing tale of Lilie James, a 21-year-old water polo instructor, unfolds.

In a gruesome discovery, her badly injured body was found in the gym bathroom at Sydney’s St. Andrew’s Cathedral School in the early hours of Thursday, October 26.

This disturbing incident has raised many questions and concerns among the public, leaving everyone anxiously awaiting answers.

The local police department is diligently working to piece together the puzzle and unveil the truth behind this baffling case.

All eyes are on Paul Thijssen, the prime suspect, who has seemingly vanished into thin air, intensifying the mystery and unease surrounding this tragic event.

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Paul Thijssen Suicide: Has Lilie James Killer Commit Murder-Suicide?

In a shocking and gruesome incident that has sent shockwaves through Sydney, the mysterious death of 21-year-old water polo instructor Lilie James has left the community in distress.

Lilie’s life was tragically cut short in the early hours of Thursday morning, October 26, when her lifeless body was discovered in the gym bathroom of St. Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney’s CBD.

The circumstances surrounding her death are nothing short of horrifying, with reports suggesting that she was brutally beaten to death with a hammer.

The suspected killer, Paul Thijssen, a 24-year-old former sports coach at the elite private school, makes this case even more perplexing.

In a strange turn of events, Paul Thijssen himself is believed to have contacted the police, calling triple-0 just four hours after Lilie’s life was tragically taken.

Paul Thijssen suicide
Paul Thijssen contacted the police, calling triple-0 hours after Lilie’s death. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Similarly, it has been stated that he reportedly directed the authorities to her lifeless body within the premises of St. Andrew’s Cathedral School.

However, as of now, Paul Thijssen remains elusive, and the police are actively searching for him.

The case has taken another chilling turn, with rumors circulating that Paul Thijssen may have taken his own life, possibly in an attempt to evade capture and imprisonment.

The police department is leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to uncover the truth in this deeply unsettling case.

Paul And Lilie Had Dated For Some Weeks

According to reports from Daily Mail Australia, Lilie had been involved in a ‘secret relationship’ with Paul prior to her untimely death.

It’s claimed that this relationship had only recently ended, and the couple had been dating for approximately five weeks before Lilie decided to end the relationship just a few days before the fateful incident.

Paul Thijssen, a former school captain who later became a hockey coach at the same institution, is now under intense scrutiny.

CCTV footage reveals a chilling sequence of events, as he was seen following Lilie into a gym bathroom around 7 p.m.

Paul Thijssen Lillie James
Paul was seen following Lilie into a gym bathroom around 7 p.m. (Source: The Age)

The footage further captures Thijssen leaving the area over an hour later, while Lilie never emerged from the bathroom.

The critical question that now looms large in this distressing narrative is whether Paul Thijssen’s actions were motivated by revenge following Lilie’s decision to end their relationship.

As the investigation unfolds, the intricacies of their connection and the events leading up to the tragic incident will be closely examined.

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