Percocet Princess Drug Dealer Anorexia: Does Sofia Haley Marks Have Eating Disorder?

Percocet Princess Drug Dealer Anorexia: Many people suspect Percocet Princess has an eating disorder. Let’s find out the truth. 

Sofia Haley Marks, also known as Percocet Princess,” is suspected of selling drugs to Leandro De Niro Rodriguez before his murder on July 2 in Lower Manhattan.

Although an official cause of death has not been declared, detectives have investigated the case as a suspected overdose.

Marks, 20, was arrested on federal drug distribution allegations and is scheduled to appear in federal court on Friday.

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Percocet Princess Drug Dealer Anorexia: Does Sofia Haley Marks Have Eating Disorder?

As per the information available, Percocet Princess doesn’t have Anorexia. However, she is familiar with the disorder because many of her loved ones have suffered.

Her ascent to fame has also sparked baseless rumors and speculations about her health and well-being. Among the frequent rumors is that she suffered from an eating disorder, notably Anorexia.

Anorexics often excessively restrict their food intake, resulting in considerable weight loss and malnourishment.

Their perspective of their body is frequently confused, and they may assume they are overweight even though they are drastically underweight. But the drug dealer has not faced such challenges. 

Percocet Princess Drug Dealer Health update

No precise information or report about Percocet Princess’s health condition is available.

It is important to remember that health information is a profoundly personal issue, and people may choose not to reveal their difficulties publicly.

She is in good health. So far, there have been no reports of any health issues, most likely because she has none.

Her health update demonstrates Percocet’s commitment to putting her health first and facing health issues head-on.

Percocet Princess’s healthy behaviors benefit her and motivate those around her to prioritize their health and happiness, making her a role model for others on their paths to a healthier and happier life.

What happened to Percocet Princess

An alleged drug dealer known as the “Percocet Princess” has been detained for reportedly selling a fentanyl-laced pill to Robert De Niro’s grandson Leandro before his death.

The New York Post stated that Sofia Haley Marks, 20, allegedly sold cocaine to Leandro De Niro Rodriguez before he was found dead in his Financial District apartment on July 2.

According to the tabloid, she was arrested at approximately 6 pm on Thursday during an undercover sting operation organized by the NYPD, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Homeland Security.

Percocet Princess Drug Dealer Anorexia
An alleged drug dealer known as the “Percocet Princess” has been detained for the overdose death of Robert de Niro’s grandson. (Source- )

Drena De Niro, Robert De Niro’s daughter, reveals that her son Leandro died from taking Fentanyl pills.

She has been charged federally with drug distribution and is scheduled to appear in federal court in Manhattan.

Police are investigating Leandro’s death as an overdose after a white powdery substance and drug paraphernalia were discovered near the teen’s body.

Drena De Niro, Leandro’s mother, is Robert De Niro’s eldest daughter with his ex-wife Diahnne Abbott.

Drena claims her kid died after being sold fentanyl-laced tablets. “Someone sold him fentanyl-laced pills that they knew were laced but still sold to him,” she commented on social media.

So, for all of you who are still f*****g around selling and buying this s**t, my kid is no longer with us.”

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