Perfectly Kelsey Ex Matthew: Did Abuse Lead To Their Breakup?

One of the famous content creators, Perfectly Kelsey ex Matthew seems to be making the headlines and online buzz. Who is he and did abuse led to their breakup?

Kelsey Pumel, renowned as Perfectly Kelsey, has risen to social media stardom with her entertaining comedy and lip-sync videos.

With an impressive following of over 347k on Instagram and a staggering 2.4 million on TikTok, her online presence is nothing short of remarkable.

However, the spotlight has recently shifted to her former boyfriend, Matthew Auld, as their breakup has taken center stage.

The details of what led to their separation have become a subject of intense curiosity, leaving fans and followers eager to unravel the story behind the split between these two exes.

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Perfectly Kelsey Ex Matthew: Did Abuse Lead To Their Breakup?

The world of social media often showcases the glamorous and light-hearted side of influencers’ lives, but behind the screens, there can be complex and harrowing stories.

Perfectly Kelsey, a popular content creator found herself in the public eye not just for her online presence but for her past relationship with Matthew Auld, who was also a renowned content creator.

Matthew was famous for his TikTok account, matthewauld22, where he often featured his daughter, Remy.

Kelsey and Matthew’s relationship had its highs and lows, including the joy of parenthood as they became parents to their daughter, Remy.

However, a podcast brought to light the darker side of their relationship. In a candid interview, Kelsey opened up about her past with Matthew, revealing allegations of abuse.

Perfectly Kelsey ex Matthew
Kelsey opened up about the abusive relationship she had with Matthew Auld. (Source: TikTok)

She described instances of physical abuse, recounting how Matthew had once punched her in the throat and grabbed her aggressively.

The trauma and fear resulting from such incidents cast a long shadow over their relationship.

Kelsey expressed her concern about the potential impact of this abuse on their daughter, Remy, fearing that she might grow up believing that such behavior equated to love.

Driven by the need to break this cycle of abuse and ensure a healthier environment for her daughter, Kelsey made the courageous decision to prioritize self-love and self-respect.

In doing so, she sought to teach her daughter that loving oneself is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

This journey of self-discovery and empowerment led Kelsey to end her relationship with Matthew in 2017.

Kelsey’s decision to share her story highlights how abusive and toxic relationship she had with her ex Matthew Auld.

Perfectly Kelsey Is Happily Married To Curtis Woods

After the turbulent chapter in her life, Perfectly Kelsey, a prominent social media influencer, found solace and love in the arms of Curtis Woods in 2020, marking a period of healing and new beginnings.

Their love story has blossomed into a beautiful family, proving that life can take unexpected and wonderful turns.

Kelsey and Curtis, both well-known figures in the world of TikTok, discovered each other and built a life together.

Their union has brought them the joys of parenthood, as they are now proud parents to three boys and a girl.

Kelsey Pumel husband
Kelsey, along with her husband, Curtis Woods, in a frame.(Source: Instagram)

Curtis Woods’ love extends beyond his wife, as he has shown immense affection and care for Kelsey’s daughter, Remy, from her previous relationship.

As she finds happiness in her current relationship, her ex-partner, Matthew Auld, has remained out of the public eye for several years.

Rumors about Matthew Auld’s obituary circulating online have added an air of mystery to his absence.

While the past holds its share of challenges and uncertainties, Kelsey’s life today showers the power of love, healing, and the joy that comes with building a loving family.

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