After splitting up with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson is not just dealing with it on his own. Rather than feeling alone, he is receiving support from his co-star, who also understands what it is like to have a high-profile relationship break down.

It has been reported that Orlando Bloom, who is currently filming Wizards in Australia together with the comedian, is the A-list celeb who has been comforting him during this difficult time.

Although it was said that Davidson’s work distracted him from what was happening in his life, but according to the reports, Bloom was the one to check on Davidson.

In the opinion of one of the sources, “Orlando and Pete have become very close these past several weeks, so Pete felt comfortable opening up to him.”

According to Bloom, who has been in Davidson’s position before, the best thing Davidson can do at this time is to carry on doing what he usually does.

Continuing, “Once he goes back home, if he wants, he can try to work to repair their relationship. [But], until then, Orlando explained to just give Kim some space and reconnect when the time feels right.”

In light of Davidson’s job and the distance he is across the globe, that’s some pretty good advice coming from Bloom. It isn’t possible for him just to drive down the street to have a conversation with Kim.

Davidson is totally exposed to the vulnerability of romance when it comes to breakups, which is always a stressful time. Due to the fact that Kim reportedly finds the age gap to be a stumbling block in their relationship, chances are slim that they will be reunited anytime soon.

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