Peter Zantop Wikipedia: Hamburg Contract Killer Age And Wife

Many people are now eager to have a look at Peter Zantop Wikipedia. The notorious criminal has gained a reputation for his violent and disruptive behavior, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Zantop has been charged with several charges, such as attempted hazardous bodily injury, property destruction, and insulting the district court. 

However, he continued acting violently and disruptively within prisons since being imprisoned in 2003. 

Peter has been sentenced to life imprisonment with additional preventive detention.

Continue reading as we shed light on the convicted felon based in Hamburg and cure your curiosity.

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Peter Zantop Wikipedia Bio

Zantop has his name linked up with a number of horrible crimes in the past. 

He let the world know his name after he participated in a contract killing in 1998 in which he shot Stellan Alfredsson, a car salesman, at a salvage yard on the Moorburg Elbe dike.

He allegedly received a payoff of 50,000 euros ($ 53,797) for carrying out this crime. 

Moreover, Zantop violently murdered Günter Steppan, a real estate agent, at his apartment in January 1999 by stabbing him 32 times.

In the assault, he also seriously hurt Steppan’s wife as well. She survived the attack but sustained serious injuries.

In Moorburg, Zantop was involved in another murder, targeting a heavy Indian car dealer at a junkyard.

Peter Zantop Wikipedia
The contract killer Peter Zantop is the horror of “Santa Fu”. (Image Source: Bild)

It is believed that he committed these acts on behalf of someone who had business dealings with the victims.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that his two trials at the court were considered the longest trial in Hamburg’s judicial history.

All these actions, collectively as well as individually caused him to get imprisoned since 2003. However, his disruptive behavior seems nowhere to stop.

On one occasion, Zantop threatened to attack a jail guard at the Fuhlsbüttel prison, where he is currently being held.

He reportedly splashed urine and excrement over an officer’s face in another incident that happened in November 2015 while being aware that he had the extremely contagious “hepatitis C” virus.

Zantop also painted swastikas on the wall of his cell and feces in the crevices.

Peter Zantop Age – How Old is The Killer?

Peter Zantop has been in the spotlight as the most ruthless and ill-minded criminal since early 2000.

Zantop was supposedly born in 1958 and is 65 years old.

On July 23, 2003, the Hamburg Regional Court gave the contract murderer a “life sentence with preventive detention.” 

Zantop, who has been called one of Hamburg’s most ruthless and deadly gangsters, was given another trial two days later. 

Due to the seriousness of the allegations and the requirement for increased security, the trial was held in the district court’s high-security wing.

Peter Zantop Wife – Is He Married?

It appears that Peter Zantop, the felon in question, is not married, and from a certain perspective, this could be considered a fortunate circumstance.

It is not difficult to imagine the challenges and difficulties a spouse would face in dealing with someone like Peter.

Moreover, the criminal has not been linked with any woman in his life, which the internet is aware of.

Peter Zantop Wikipedia
Currently, Peter is serving his time in a prison in Hamburg. (Image Source: GeorgetownLaw)

Peter Zantop has been terrorizing the prison since his arrival. Not only prison, but the Hamburg judiciary even considers him “one of the biggest pain in the a**.”

In 2015, he faced another court appearance for an attack on a fellow prisoner, resulting in the person being injured and Zantop being fined 10,000 euros ($10,759).

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