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Phinnaeus Moder early life, relationship, parents, career and net worth

Who is Phinnaeus Moder?

Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter Moder is an American celebrity teen who is one of the three children of the beautiful Julia Roberts, an Oscar-winning actress, and renowned cinematographer Daniel Moder. Even today, Julia Robert as a mother remains equally stunning and has the charm to allure her fans.

Likewise, as the son of one of the most excellent movie stars, Phinnaeus is revealed into the spotlight since he was born. 

Furthermore, Roberts and Julia became close with each other on the set of a movie named ‘The Mexican’ in the early 2000s. Not long after that, both decided to stay in a relationship and have been to date.

After being together for a while, the couple has three children named Henry Daniel Moder, Hazel Moder, and Phinnaeus Moder. 

Similarly, Hazel and Phinnaeus Moder are twin siblings who are born only a couple of minutes apart. Although they are teenagers, their lives are different from most teenage children because people constantly focus on them being celebrity children.

Moreover, Phinnaeus comes from a family where his maximum family members are actors like his cousin Emma Roberts, a well-known actress. So, judging from this family line of business, it is expected that Phinnaeus will follow the same steps as the rest of his family and consider acting as his career.

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Quick facts on Phinnaeus Moder

Full namePhinnaeus “Finn “Walter Moder
BirthdateNovember 28, 2004
Marital statusSingle
Height5 ft. 1 inch
Weight34 Kg
Hair colorBrown
Eyes colorBlue
Father’s nameDaniel Moder
Mother’s nameJulia Roberts
SiblingsOne twin sister and one brother
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Sexual orientationStraight
Net worthN/A

Phinnaeus Moder early life, family, and background

Phinnaeus Moder was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, on November 28th, 2004. Currently, he still lives in California as an American citizen.

Likewise, Phinnaeus has not revealed his religion, but his mother follows the Hindu religion, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. Additionally, his mother’s name is Julia Roberts, and his father’s name is Daniel Moder, renowned worldwide.

Phinnaeus Moder with family

Furthermore, in 2000, Phinnaeus parents first met each other on the set for a movie named ‘The Mexican.’ However, at that time, both of them were dating different people; Julia was with her fiancé, Kiefer Sutherland, and Daniel was wedded to Vera Steimberg, a make-up artist.

Soon after, Julia and Daniel divorced their partners and got together with each other. After dating for over one year, they chose to get married. Likewise, on the 4th of July in 2002, the couple tied the knot, and just two years later, Julia and Daniel gave birth to beautiful twins.

Furthermore, the twins were born eight days before the original due date because of Julia’s pregnancy difficulties. Likewise, in 2007, they had their third child.

 As a child of a lavishly wealthy family, Phinnaeus often loves having fun with his parents. In around the year 2013, the media saw him riding his bike around town in Malibu, enjoying his leisure time.

Additionally, Phinnaeus is spotted in gym sessions with his mother and loves water sports and surfing.

To date, the Moder couple are living together with no news of conflict, parting, or divorce. It looks like the couple’s marriage is strong and is there to stay, unlike several failed celebrity marriages.

Phinnaeus Moder’s mother, Julia Roberts

Phinnaeus’ mother, Julia Roberts, was born in Georgia of USA, on October 28th, 1967. Likewise, she is a very famous actor and a producer as well.

Moreover, Julia has been nominated eight times for the Golden Globe Awards and won three of them. Additionally, she has four Academy Award nominations, from which she has won one for her role in Erin Brockovich.

However, the most iconic performance of Julia Roberts is in a romantic comedy movie named Pretty Woman that got released in 1990. Surprisingly, the movie collected a total of 464 million dollars worldwide.

On top of that, Julia has played leading roles in 24 movies that collected above 100 million dollars. In addition, the actress is also one of the highest-earning actresses of all time.

When Julia was a child, she wanted to be a vet. Likewise, she went to Georgia State University but unfortunately did not graduate and further moved to New York City. After settling in New York City, she got discovered by a modeling agency, and that was when she started taking acting classes.

 In 1988, Julia made her debut with a movie named ‘Satisfaction.’ Similarly, she was also critically praised for her role as a Juvenile rape victim in a movie named ‘Crime Story.’ 

Still, her role that got acclaimed worldwide was in a movie called The Mystic Pizza, released in 1988.

Furthermore, in 1989 she was featured in a movie named Steel Magnolias, which won her a first Academy Award nomination for the best-supporting actress. Likewise, she also won her first Golden Globe award in the same category.

Additionally, Julia’s most successful movies include Pretty Woman, which initially got its release date in 1990; sleeping with the enemy, released in 1991. Furthermore, in 1993, The pelican brief got released, and other movies include, My best friend’s wedding, Notting Hill, Runaway bride, and Erin Brockovich.

Similarly, a movie named Eat, Pray, and Love is Julia’s highest-grossing movie to date.

Phinnaeus Moder’s father, Daniel Moder

Phinnaeus’ father, Daniel Moder, was born in Los Angeles of California, on January 31st of 1969.

Furthermore, Daniel is a renowned professional cinematographer known for his works in movies like The Mexican Fireflies in the garden and Secret in their Eyes. Likewise, he has a degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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In 1995, Daniel began his career as a production assistant in the movie Crimson Tide. Likewise, Daniel has executed his cinematography work in numerous other short movies and has formerly worked in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mona Lisa Smile, and Friend with Money.

Moreover, his most famous work relies on the movie Spiderman-3, and his most recent work is in a movie named Ibiza, released in2018. Also, he has worked in different famous TV Series like ‘Dead to me,’ and ‘The last tycoon.’

Similarly, Daniel got his nominations in the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography and OFTA Television Award for Best Cinematography. Besides his career, Daniel is a devoted father and a loving husband.

Although carrying a busy and hectic schedule, the cinematographer makes time for his children and facies taking them on vacations.

Phinnaeus Moder’s siblings

Phinnaeus Moder has two siblings, one is his twin sister named Hazel and the youngest one is 

Like her parents, Hazel also aims to join the movie business.Furthermore, Hazel was also featured in the VH1 episode and on Mother’s Day.

Similarly, Phinnaeus has a younger brother named Henry Daniel Moder, who was born on June 18th of 2007.

Phinnaeus Moder’s twin sister Hazel Model

Hazel Patricia Moder was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 28th, 2004.
However, Hazel Moder has grown up differently compared to most celebrity children her age.

“She subscribes to the low-key Meryl Streep style of celebrity mothering,” her mother Julia Roberts says.

Even though she was born to famous parents, she had a very ordinary upbringing away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, Hazel has had her share of screen time, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Additionally, she and her twin brother, Finn, appeared on the television program ‘VH1: All Access’ in the episode ’20 Cutest Celebrity Babies’ in 2006, with other celebrity kids like Brian Donovan and Jill Dobson.

Similarly, during her film “Eat Pray Love” in India in September 2009, her mother, a Hindu and a follower of late Indian spiritual guru Neem Karoli Baba, took her children to Swami Daram Dev’s Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi, Haryana.

Following that, the children were given new names based on Hindu gods, with Laxmi being one. On the other hand, Julia Roberts stated that she would instead let her children have a normal upbringing than worry about their future in the industry.

As a result, their parents have taken steps to keep their children away from the reach of the media. However, she’s been seen with her family on occasion and at school sporting activities.

Phinnaeus Moder’s Youngest brother- Henry Daniel Moder

Henry Daniel Moder, the family’s youngest son, was born on June 18th, 2007, to parents Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts. Henry was born and educated in Los Angeles, and he has a strong connection with his parents and siblings.

He is currently enrolled in school in terms of his academics and is deeply engaged in his studies. Henry, who is only 14 years old, has already shown an interest in skateboarding.

It’s interesting to note that both of his parents work in separate fields. Despite his dislike of movies and tv shows, Henry has appeared in a few films and TV shows.

In 2016, he appeared in the romantic comedy Mother’s Day as a minor character. All of his siblings, as well as his mother, appear in the film.

He was also seen in an episode of the VH1: All Access television series. Only time will tell whether we will see him in other films in the future.

Julia, like every mother, is incredibly protective of her child. Yet, despite her popularity, she maintains a low profile and even avoids the media while she is with her children.

As a parent, they ensure that their children are well-protected, whether they are going grocery shopping or on a family trip to Disneyland.

Age, height, weight, and body features

Talking about Phinnaeus Moder’s body traits, he stands tall at 5 Feet 1 Inch and Weighs 34 Kg. Similarly, his body Measurements come at 24 Inches.

Furthermore, Phinnaeus has Brown shaded hair and beautiful blue eyes. Additionally, being born in November, Phinnaeus’s birth sign is Sagittarius.

Now, let’s move on to talk about his personal life. 

Personal life and relationships

Phinnaeus Moder is still studying in high school, but we do not know the high school’s name as it is not available for the public’s knowledge, but it is a private and an elite school. Similarly, he also has not revealed where he wants to pursue his further education.

However, Phinnaeus has only turned sixteen, and it seems there is still time to figure out his career. Considering all the acting genes he possesses, people expect the child actor to appear on-screen too, and it does not seem very far.

Phinnaeus Moder

Notably, Phinnaeus comes from a family of actors and screenwriters. Some of his famous family members are Lisa Roberts, Eric Roberts, Nancy Motes, and John Moder. 

Speaking of his appearances on TV, in 2006, he appeared on-screen in VH1: 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies, which featured both Phinnaeus and his twin sister Hazel. Furthermore, in 2016, the twins also made a guest appearance alongside their mother, Julia, in a Mother’s Day comedy film.

Moreover, the movie featured big names like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Sudeikis. Therefore, if Phinnaeus wants to join the movie industry, the route is carved for him, and the odds are in his favor.

Phinnaeus Moder relationships

Talking about Phinnaeus’s love life, he is single because he is very young to focus on these things right now. Furthermore, he is instead focused on his studies right now.

Although stating the fact about Phinnaeus being single, we are not sure as he likes to keep his personal life very private.

Spotlight exposure

By the time Phinnaeus was born into this world, Julia had already started living a much quieter life. Likewise, while she was still one of Hollywood’s overwhelmingly famous stars, her name had already vanished from the columns of gossips.

A quiet celebrity life enabled Julia to allow her children a relatively normal childhood. Although Phinnaeus and his siblings are still often photographed by the paparazzi, they do not experience the press madness as many other celebrity children do.

Phinnaeus Moder 2021

In August 2020, Danny, Phinnaeus, and Henry were spotted at the grocery shop in Malibu, California.

As they walked out of the store and toward their car, the adoring father and his two sons had their hands full. We can’t believe they’re so grown!

Phinnaeus Moder net worth

Phinnaeus Moder has not started working and has still not made a career out of himself to have an actual net worth in his name. Although, the considerable wealth that his parents have accumulated guarantees the Moder family to live a lavish life.

Phinnaeus’s mother, Julia Roberts, is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood with multiple box-offices hit movies. Therefore, unsurprisingly, she possesses an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Additionally, Julia also runs a production house names Red Om Films. Similarly, she has deals signed with several brands, adding a five-year deal with Lancôme, worth 50 million dollars.

On top of that, Julia Roberts owns a house worth over 6.4 million dollars in Malibu. Likewise, she also owns a 4-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan and a 2.5 million property in Taos, New Mexico.

However, Julia stays with her family in her mansion in Los Angeles, which is worth 30-million-dollar. Similarly, Phinnaeus’s father, Daniel Moder, is worth the estimate of over 10 million dollars.

Phinnaeus Moder social media involvement

Phinnaeus Moder is not active on any social media platform because he has not reached his proper age yet. Nevertheless, his mother, Julia Roberts, has accounts on various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but she does not have Facebook.

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