Pia Malihi Net Worth 2023: Earnings And Salary As Publicist

Pia Malihi net worth has been searched by many people on the web. Malihi is a prominent figure in strategic communications and media management.

Pia Malihi, Full Scope PR’s Co-Founder and President, delivers a dynamic blend of strategic communication and media management knowledge.

Pia’s global perspective infuses her leadership with new insights, owing to her upbringing in Paris and Los Angeles.

In addition, she expertly navigates the worlds of entertainment, corporate, and philanthropy, specializing in brand creation, growth strategies, and community ties.

Pia began her public relations career in her early twenties at Bowery Public Relations in Los Angeles, demonstrating her solid instincts and laying the groundwork for a career defined by creativity and insight.

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Pia Malihi Net Worth 2023: Earnings And Salary As Publicist

Pia Malihi, Co-Founder and President of Full Scope PR is a well-known name in strategic communications and media management.

Malihi’s actual net worth is unknown to the public as of 2023. While no exact figure is given, it is usually assumed that she worked as a President of Full Scope PR. 

Variety has learned exclusively that Pia Malihi has joined forces to form the new agency Full Scope Public Relations.

Complete Coverage Public Relations will be headquartered in West Hollywood, California, and will begin operations this month.

Ketsoyan, a public relations veteran and author, began his career with PMK before co-founding the public relations business EMCBowery.

Pia Malihi Net Worth
Pia Malihi has partnered to launch the new agency Full Scope Public Relations. (Source- variety

Malihi began her career at EMCBowery before moving on to Ketsoyan and Jones works, working with talent, corporate, and executive clients.

Pia began her PR career in her early twenties with Bowery Public Relations, working with high-profile clients such as Coach and House of Bijan.

She later joined Jonesworks and worked on accounts for celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Scooter Braun, and Justin Baldoni.

Pia Malihi assets and lifestyle

Pia, who currently resides in Beverly Hills, intentionally positions herself at the center of Los Angeles’ pulse, assuring quick access to clients, family, and the city’s dynamic social scene.

Despite his immense success and money, Pia Malihi is happy.

As one might anticipate from someone with her degree of wealth, Pia may have a magnificent housing collection or a collection of high-end cars.

Despite being well-known and successful in media management, this prominent individual prefers to keep a low-key profile that draws little attention on social media platforms.

In essence, the co-founder prefers to live a low-key life away from the public eye of social media.

Pia Malihi controversy

Pia recently made headlines after she reposted a story with a clown emoji on Taylor Swift’s face.

Swift’s fans, known as Swifties, are quick to point out Pia’s past association with Scooter Braun, infamous for acquiring Swift’s master rights and sparking a public feud.

This incident has added a layer of intrigue to Pia’s profile, with social media buzzing about her connections and the potential implications for her client, Travis Kelce.

Pia Malihi recently sparked outrage by uploading a Taylor Swift photo with a clown emoji face. (Source: Twitter)

Kelce, the NFL star, and Swift have been romantically linked, and their relationship is under the scrutiny of fans who question its authenticity.

Despite suspicion, the couple appears to be serious about their relationship, with Swift actively supporting Kelce at his games and plans for Kelce to embark on a tour when the 2023 NFL season ends.

Her current social media controversy adds a captivating twist to her already impressive professional trajectory.

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